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Lelo Tor 2

Lelo Tor 2 Green Rechargeable Gentlemen's Ring

The Tor 1 was one of the hottest selling sex toys that LELO Company had to offer. The simple couple’s ring design molded from silicone made for a lovely evening for both man and woman. The Tor 2 is meant to be worn by the man when he is having sex. The flexible fit and sturdy silicone keep it in place during the most intensive love making sessions. The draw for women giving this toy to their men is the clitoral stimulator that they feel during sex with their man. That area that nature just did not equip him to find, Tor will find. And since this vibrator is entirely waterproof, sex in the shower, bath or hot tub is not a worry. Tor 2 has six different stimulation modes that will open up new worlds of sensation. The Tor 2 comes in three different colors: green, black and purple.

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Lelo Loki

Loki Is Lelos Luxury Addition To Male Anal Play And Prostate Play

The Lelo Loki is a premium gentleman’s massager that stimulates the prostate. It marks Lelo’s first attempt for the male massagers in several years, and it is a considerable upgrade over previous luxury sex toys for men. It incorporates impressive power, ergonomically designed for pinpoint accuracy and pressure on the prostate. The Loki is every bit its name as it implies – cheeky, powerful and a whole lot of fun and pleasure.

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Lelo Loki Wave

Lelo Loki Wave In Black Is Premium Male Vibrator

The Lelo Loki Wave is a three point stimulator male vibrator that provides intense stimulation through not only two rumbling vibrating motors, but through a massaging arm that gently strokes the prostate. Who said that men can’t partake in luxurious waves of pleasure? Lelo certainly didn’t.

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Lelo Billy

Lelo Billy In Blue Is A Luxury Vibrator For Men

Billy is a gentleman’s prostate massager ideal for exploring a more energetic sensation within. With an ergonomic design perfectly suited to the male form, he offers sustained control through five powerful vibration modes. Such versatility achieves breathtaking results, where stimulation may be kept mild during arousal, before increasing to the levels that excite you most. Whether enjoyed individually or with a partner, Billy is a highly discreet and satisfying companion, always primed to deliver the most varied feelings of release.

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Lelo Bob

Prostate Massager To Be Worn During Sexual Activity By Lelo

Bob is the most stylish gentleman's plug, specially designed to take your sensations to a higher realm of experience. Made from the finest body-safe silicone and tailored to the contours of the male body, Bob focuses stimulation on the male G-spot, giving both security and control to newcomers and experienced users alike.

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Lelo Pino

Luxury Male Sex Toys Made By Lelo Include The Royal Blue Pino

Packaged in their most premium presentation box to date, the fully rechargeable LELO PINO™ features 10 powerful vibration modes. There's also a pair of silver cufflinks and an embossed money clip, making the PINO an ideal Christmas gift. Explore the ten different vibration patterns with your partner, and experiment with new positions by wearing the motor either on top or beneath the shaft.

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Lelo Hugo

Waterproof Vibrating Prostate Massager Made By Lelo Is The Hugo  Now In Black

The Lelo Hugo is a premium insertable prostate massager that can be used with a remote control. The remote control has Lelo’s patented SenseMotion technology that will equal a lot of fun, pleasure and some truly exceptional orgasms. Experience the power of a premium prostate massager today.

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