Eggs, Balls & Bullets

Eggs, Balls & Bullets

Eggs, Balls & Bullets Vibrators | Vibrating Bullets Australia

Love eggs, love balls and clitoral bullets are primarily a vaginal toy. If you’re having Pelvic Floor Muscle issues, especially after pregnancy, then the love eggs, also referred to as kegel balls and jiggle balls might be a welcome relief in bringing everything back to shape and helping you have some fun along the way. These toys can not only vibrate, be remote controlled by a partner, but they may be simply worn with no one in public realizing, for a delightfully sinful secret.

Love Eggs

The benefit of these geisha balls is that they can help tighten and tone the pelvic floor muscles (PVC) or vaginal muscles and give you tighter control during intercourse. This can be useful with aging, post pregnancy, or simply for better health. Not only does this help with incontinence and bladder control, but they provide more intense orgasms and increased sensitivity during arousal and sex as the stronger muscles promote blood flow. Some versions of these kegel balls, can also be used to tighten and tone the anal muscles as well in much the same way as the vaginal muscles.

Bullets Are Intense Mini Vibrators

Bullets are small intense vibrators used for clitoral stimulation either during solo play, during sex, or as foreplay. Easy to use and hold they are the starting point for getting into sex toys and adult fun. Clitoral vibrators are the most common of vibrators as they are small, discreet, versatile and portable and do not get in the way during sex. Bullets can be battery operated, or rechargeable but for the most part they are incredibly powerful.

Sexual freedom is not taboo anymore and nor should it ever have been. It is a mental and physically relieving tool that both men & women need equally.  Due to the ever increases of stress due to work load people are experiencing less human pleasure. Sex is the ultimate YOGA for two people but stress is taking away the pleasure from the people who have to curb their desires making them more frustrated. But don’t worry! There are vibrating sex toys that will give you pleasure that you have been longing for a very long time. You will be able to relieve your sexual tensions with these toys until you have the time to be intimate with your sexual partner. Some of the most popular sex toys are eggs, balls & bullets will take your pleasures to the cloud nine. You will moan in joy like never before.

Love Eggs:It is called the love egg because it loves you & your inner desires. It is an egg shaped sex toy that generally has a battery powered vibrator that you can insert in your inner space in order to get intense pleasures. They are also referred to as egg vibrators or love vibrators (according to their size). Its small size and sexual effectiveness make it an asset that a satisfied loving couple should try. With the advent of technology you can also get vibrators that has sexy modes and irregularities in their vibrations in order satisfy your inner cravings.

Love eggs, balls and bullets are available in rubber, metal, glass and plastic with the choice of a myriad of colors and sizes that will satisfy every woman’s needs. Love making should become a fantasy rather than just a physical need. So add this fantasy fun with some great sex toys.  Love eggs serve multiple purposes but their main use is for vaginal penetration. This sex aid can substitute your lover or it can be included in your couples sex play. The biggest plus is that they will never let you down and can be used for hours until you are totally satisfied and pleased. Fun loving girls and boys can also use it in Anal penetration.

Women like foreplay & love egg, balls & bullets will deliver foreplay without a doubt. So they can also be used for clitoris & nipple stimulation before going to actual lovemaking.  They are designed to deliver pleasure in the most sensual of ways, delivering every woman’s fantasies.

Experience A Blended Orgasm

The basic style is the single egg or bullet which is a single egg shaped sex toywith controls either on the toy or via wireless remote that can give different vibrations strengths, speeds and modes in order to please those hungry sex buds.   For the more daring there are dual sex eggs that can be both placed up the vagina or anus or to deliver on a DP fantasy, both!  Imagine the joys of sex when experiencing a blended orgasm.

Most women prefer the wireless style egg and this way they can control the sensations whilst it is inside them.  The days of ‘wired’ controls on sex toys is close to being over but they are still available.  We strongly recommend against these wired devices as they will often take away the intimacy of the moment as well as presenting the possibility of non-function by the wire breaking.

There are also vibrating love balls.  These balls are known by a variety of names including sex balls, kegel balls, ben wa balls, geisha balls and more.  They are a great break from a regular phallic vibrator and the health benefits are especially great for females.  They act to strengthen the pelvic wall and floor when inserted and carrying kegel exercises.  Its small structure makes it easy to use and perfect for both sexes. It can be used both as a stimulator on the outside or inserted for multiple orgasms.

When you are the peak of your ecstasy with foreplay isn’t it great that you can go from having something tickling your outside and then plunge it into your inviting inner sexual sanctum?   Men can also use it for testicle stimulation. The vibrating sex toy might give you an uneasy feeling to start with but with time you will be loving it. It will help you relax and have fun.


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