Debunking the Myths around Adult Toys

Debunking the Myths around Adult Toys

Most Common Sex Toy Myths That Aren’t True

We don’t often talk about sex freely, and talking about adult toys is almost taboo especially about Myths around Adult Toys – that’s why people come up with myths because they have the wrong information. The first vibrator was used as a medical tool to treat ‘hysterical women’ in the conservative Victorian era. Although sex education was not welcome then, it might have been the first time some of these women experienced orgasms. Although sex education is accessible, there are still many misconceptions about sex toys.

Common Sex Toys Myths

Most times, nobody will tell you the truth about sex toys, and each one has a different narrative. You don’t have to worry because we are here to debunk common myths.

1.   They are for the Single

One of the most common sex myths is that you only need an adult toy if you’re single. Sex toys are not only for singles to spice up their lives on a cold lonely night or afternoon. Although singles like sex toys, you can also use your favorite sex toy with your consenting partner. Even if you hadn’t planned on buying a sex toy, you can get it via a 100 dollar pay day loan. You should not believe sex myths in relationships like these because some sex toys are made for couples’ pleasure.

2.   You Don’t Need It Because You Climax

Even if you climax, you can still use a dildo or vibrator. You don’t have to fall for these sex drive myths. Unlike what some people think, intercourse is not only about penetration. It is about pleasure and arousal, and it involves mutual masturbation, anal, and oral sex. It’s not only about you but also about your partner. They allow you to explore your partner’s erogenous parts and to know what turns him on. Although they are not a necessity, sex toys make it fun and exciting.

3.   Adult Toys Have an Age Limit

One of the sex myths you should never fall for is that you can’t use your dildo or vibrator once you reach a certain age. Although most advertisements use young men and women to showcase their products, it doesn’t mean that there’s an age limit for pleasure. Never believe the misinformation because companies nowadays design vibrators and dildos for older individuals. You can use your favorite butt plug, vibrators, and cock rings, no matter your age. You only need to care for them properly.

4.   They are Rarely Used

You should separate sex myths and facts because you might not see anybody using a dildo, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t use them. A study showed that usage and ownership of adult toys continue to rise worldwide. The global adult toy market is anticipated to grow by at least 9% between 2019 and 2026.

5.   They Can Only Be Used When You Can’t Perform

One of the sex myths debunked long ago is that you can use an adult toy only if you can’t perform. People who use adult toys experience more pleasure than those who don’t. They give you more orgasms and satisfaction. They allow you to explore your pleasure points and know what you like.

6.   They Ruin Your Sex Life

There are various sex myths you have to know. For instance, adult toys can ruin your bedroom life. This is a lie – they do the opposite. Adult toys were designed to improve your sex life and increase pleasure. Most people assume that you might never want to have fun with your partner when you use adult toys. They think this act takes away the pleasure. On the contrary, adult toys spice up your sex life and help you and your partner bond. You also don’t have to worry about getting addicted to your dildo or vibrator because it will not happen. You’ll also be able to have and enjoy intercourse without them.

7.   If You Can’t Get Orgasm without an Adult Toy, You Have a Problem

“If you need a sex toy to get orgasm you have a problem” is one of the unique sex myths around. Although adult toys are designed to enhance pleasure and experience in the bedroom, there’s no problem if you need them to orgasm. Most women need more than penetrative sex to reach climax. Don’t be shy about trying a few to find the best for you.

8.   Only Women Use Sex Toys

Dildos and vibrators are popular, but this doesn’t mean that only women use sex toys. Some adult toys are designed specifically for men. Did you know that there are now male vibrators in the market? Don’t let people convince you that only women can use sex toys, go out there and find something that works for you.


Adult toys are rarely talked about, and people who use them shy away from admitting the truth. Sex toys worldwide keep getting their users because more and more people can differentiate between facts and myths. Some myths can prevent you from getting a sex toy.

Which is the strangest adult toy myth you’ve come across? Please leave a comment.

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