Most popular male sex toys

Most popular male sex toys

Each year the sex toy industry value grows by 3 billion USD. Currently it’s valued by 31.25 billion dollars. While sex toys are still more popular among women than men, guys make up for a solid percent of the market share.  Over 70 percent of men claim that they have used a sex toy and over 60 percent admit that they have bought at least one sex toy in their lifetime. Even though there are many types of male sex toys, some of them are simply more popular than the other ones. Here are the most used and bought male sex toys:


#1 Pocket Pussies


Artificial vaginas, also known as pocket pussies are the most popular male sex toys. These sex toys come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them can be small enough to fit in a palm, while others can be as big as a female torso and even have boobs attached to it.


Currently, the most popular pocket pussies are Fleshlights. Fleshlights are compact male masturbators that are no bigger than an actual Fleshlight. They come in hundreds of different textures and most are made in collaboration with famous por stars. So, it’s a dream come true for guys who wonder what it feels like to be in the sack with an actual porn star.


#2 Cock Rings


There is no secret that vibrating cock rings are the leaders of the penis rings market. While the original purpose of cock rings is to keep a man hard for a longer period of time, currently, cock rings can do a lot more.


The original penis rings were very simple rubber bands and now, they can vibrate and entertain both sex partners. Most vibrating penis rings have larger heads on their top that vibrate. They are built this way to be large enough to reach the female clitoris and increase the pleasure for both partners while making the whole process longer.


#3 Prostate Massagers


Not so long ago, men would rarely talk about prostate stimulation and would never consider getting a massage for their special place. However, now, men are more open minded and that helps them discover their p-spot as a way to gain pleasure.


Even though for most guys the p-spot stimulation sounds a bit scary at first – most of those who try later admit that prostate stimulation gives them the most intense orgasms that they have ever experienced in their life. That is one of the main reason why Aneros prostate massagers that started as medical devices currently are one of the best selling sex toys.


Naturally, sex toys that are designed for that purpose became wildly popular as well. Currently there are high-tech, luxurious prostate massagers that are very ergonomic and perfectly fit the male anatomy. They vibrate on different levels for extra pleasure and some of them even give men an internal as well as an external prostate stimulation.


#4 Blowjob Machines


Compared to other sex toy types, blowjob machines are pretty new to the whole sex toy market. However, that didn’t stop them from becoming one of the most popular male sex toys. Blowjob machines are automatic male masturbtors that offer you hands-free orgasm experiences. While some of them are simple, the market currently offers some that are super advanced and are compatible with VR (virtual reality) experiences.


Even though they’re mostly designed for solo use, they’re the perfect choice for long-distance relationships. Some blowjob machines can be controlled from a distance, via a mobile app, so you can actually give your partner pleasure (and controle it) from a very far distance. That’s a great way to spice up long distance relationships while keeping both partners involved.


#5 Penis Pumps and Extenders


Even though penis pumps and penis extenders don’t really classify as amle sex toys, they’re wildely popular among men. Many men are often dissatisfied with the size of their penis and wish to have a larger and longer one.


Even though penis pumps and penis extenders are designed for the same purpose – to enlarge the penis – they work in a different manner. Penis pumps can give you a fast and short-lasting result. Penis extenders, on the other hand, offer a long lasting result. However, you will need to work in order to obtain that result.


In general, penis pumps use a vacuum technique to quickly pump up your private parts with extra blood and they get larger fast. Yet, the results wear off fast as well. That’s why most men use penis pumps right before intercourse to impress their partners with their visibly larger penis.


Penis extenders, on the other hand, require a bigger commitment. To put it in other words, if you want your penis to become longer permanently, you’ll have to follow a special workout routine, just like you would do at the gym. Penis extenders use the traction method. When they extend your penis, they form micro-tears in the tissue. Those micro tears are invisible for the naked eye. Then your cells start to split and duplicate to fill those newly formed gaps. This way the penis grows without shrinking back. It’s similar to the way your muscles grow at the gym.

For best results – use the combo of penis pump and extender.

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