Mindful Pleasure  Iroha+

Mindful Pleasure Iroha+

When was the last time that you had a massage? I admit that not everyone loves a massage, but massage has been shown to be very good for the immune system and blood circulation.


A very under massaged part of the body is the vulva. All of it.


We quite often think of ladies parts as the Vagina, or the clitoras. But there is so much more that is vying for attention. If you are a fan of external stimulation, you really should try a full vulva massage.


Enter Tenga Iroha+


Tenga is amazing in their own right, out of the box japanese engineering with state of the art attention to detail and spectacular materials. What they bring to the iroha+ is breathtaking and the perfect tool for sensual self exploration and massage.


To begin, the Iroha+ does not look like your standard toy, it is beautiful set in its own little magnetise charging case, so aesthetically pleasing it could sit on your bedside table as an ornament and people would compliments you on your choice of decor and never question or even think that it belonged anywhere near your nether regions. Did I mention that this beautiful device is also magnetically charged? It guides itself into its cradle and so long as you have the base plugged into the power will keep itself charged.


The iroha+ is made out of pillowy soft and supple silicone that moulds beautifully to your hand and body and comes in three beautiful designs for three different purposes. All of the iroha+ are made from body safe silicone and full water submersible for a completely different feel in the bath, spa or ocean if you’re feeling adventurous.


The Kushi’s (translated: make full) delicate and soft folds when coupled with the intense vibrations offer a lapping sensations or toe curling tongue licking pleasure along the dips and folds of your parts (yes, male or female)


The Tori’s (Translated: Bird) beautiful bird-like shape  peaks at a delectable tip, condensing the vibrations for use either against the clitoras, the frenulum or can be inserted into the vaginal or rectum for rimming sensations like no other. The whole body of Tori also vibrates lovingly and caresses your mounds and skin as you melt into its delicious functions.


Yoru’s (translated: Night) divine crevice slides along the delicate parts, framing and targeting them with vibrations around those nerve endings, the unique mouldings allowing you to squeeze the crevice giving you the power over the pressure sensitive plates as you massage your way along your body.


These beautifully designed toys are not only made with the clitoras in mind but instead with the whole anatomy in mind. Take your exploration further, participate in “Anma” massage and focus your Iroha+ on filling your whole hand and pressing it against the entirety of your vulva. The shape and size of the iroha+ is suited to most palms and most vulvas to fit comfortably and reach the basic and important nerve centres that are essential for stimulating and cultivating pleasure.


Anma is a japanese massage where “an” means press and “ma” means to rub and the vigorous massage is better known as healing with hands. Why not apply this to mastubartion? Masturbation is wonderful for healing.


Try for fun: Using your pick of the Iroha+, close your eyes and breathe. Press the iroha to your vulva, ensuring that the iroha is touching your clitoras, labia and the opening of your vagina. In small circles, begin to rub the iroha, alternating between pressing gently and harder against your clitoras as you pass. Breathe into the movement and the rumbling vibrations as you do.


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