Unisex Toys!

Unisex Toys!

Are you in for some adult play? Well, sex toys gave been widely used to add some romance to sexual lifestyles. Most people are under lots of pressure to get one. However, it is good to know that there are unisex toys that can be ideal for a couple or it can be used interchangeably. Here are some of the unisex sex toys. Let’s find out.

Thrusting dildos

Thrusting dildos are some of the innovative unisex toys that you will find in the market today. They expand and retract back and forth whether it is applied anally or vaginally. If you are using thrusting dildos there is no need of having a partner around. If they come with a vibrator that can stimulate your clitoris then you have the full package to experience the ultimate feeling.

Finger vibrators

These are usually rubber pads which are fitted on the fingertips. Each finger will act like a dildo. It has an adjustable ring with a pad that is responsible for providing some sensational pleasure. The bigger the bullet used then the more the pleasure you experience. These vibrators will need a lubricant because they can be abrasive especially when they are used on the sensitive parts. Both genders can use it to spice their sexual desires.


This is a vibrating plug that can bring incredible anal pleasure. It can be used by both genders because it has no sexual orientation. The most important thing is to know how to use it well. Both genders can rock their anal play.


This is yet an incredible sex toy that can be used by both genders. It can be fitted as a cock ring around the penis which brings a pleasurable feeling. It can also fit around the anus or vulva. You can also use your fingers when there is no penis involved. This sends some charming feelings as you press gently to create a more rhythmic sensation.

Club Vibe 3.OH Hero

If you are planning to attend a night concert then this is what you need to accompany yourself with. It is a music responsive vibrator that can make your night one of a kind. There are different models and others have also been designed to stimulate the anal and the vulva irrespective of the genders. Anyone can spice up their sexual life.


This sex toy was created mainly for stimulation of vulva but with time men also showed some interest in it because of incredible vibration around their balls and penises. It comes in different sizes which makes it ideal for the couples to enjoy the sensations during their play.

Rabbit vibrators

I know you have ever had a rabbit style. Therefore, this vibrator stimulates your clit when it penetrates the vagina. The vibrations can be adjusted as per your preference. You can set the thrust and the level of speed. It is important to set optimal pace movements that you will make you comfortable as you blend at the moment. This is an incredible accessory if you master how to use it well.

Clandestine devices Mimic

This is yet another incredible device that is barely $100 in Amazon. It largely resembles the palm or tongue which can glide in any body part.


Mystery vibe Crescendo is designed to accommodate all types of bodies and it provides incredible pleasures. It can be modified to any shape which can be S, U or any alphabetical letter depending on the body variations. These toys have shown that human sexuality can’t be categorized into two because the pleasure is all the same. The most important thing is to pick your toy and get started. Identify your needs and rock your world.

Most of these toys can be found on the internet especially in online stores such as Amazon. This requires you to do lots of research because some of the sex toys might not meet your needs. Before you order these toys online ensure the retailers are verified because some can be made using reactive materials. Ensure your toys is non-toxic so that you can have ultimate pleasure.

If you are a couple then it will be an added advantage because you don’t have to buy different sex toys – just wash and share.

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