Sex In Shower

Sex In Shower

Sex In The Shower

Sensuality is important to maintaining intimacy, and there are few better places to relax than in the shower, pool or spa. Maybe you have small kids and your only form of privacy is in the bathroom, or maybe you have hired a hotel room for the night with your partner and need some waterproof sex toys. Either way, any sex toys that are waterproof you’ll find here.

Having Sex In The Shower

The majority of sex toys will state that they are waterproof, but for the most part, this means that they are water resistant only and will handle showers, or normal body moisture but are not submersible safe. There are, however, a few ways to determine if your waterproof sex toy is actually a submersible sex toy for some adult fun in the water. Firstly, the buttons which control your water friendly vibrator will not have gaps between them and the shaft. They will be completely sealed and made of one piece so that water will run away from the buttons rather than going in between any miniscule cracks and damaging the electronics. Secondly, the battery compartment will have a rubber seal at the base of the screw in to prevent water from entering the battery compartment. It is important to always check the rubber seal, and if it’s starting to deteriorate or crack, then your previously waterproof sex toy will only be water resistant. Alternatively, waterproof sex toys will be rechargeable with either a sealed recharge component or sleeve, or be a waterproof charger such as the ones on Lelo. Just because it is a waterproof toy does not mean you can charge it in the bath!

Experience Mind Blowing Shower Sex

Take your shower sex experience to the next level by incorporating waterproof sex toys.  More or less everyone has attempted to have shower sex. Most of the people haven’t got the desirable results as they expected. A lot of factors contribute to poor performance during shower sex. Awkward angles, slippery surfaces, and space deficiency are some of the reasons that contribute to disastrous sex attempts in the shower. You would never want to get your delicate parts damaged in the shower.

Before you contemplate trying shower sex you must consider safety, as safety will not only ensure that you do not hurt yourself but also to improve the experience and make it exciting. Positioning and grips are recommended before you start as the floor and walls have slippery surfaces and the limited space makes it hard for you to position yourself well or safely in the bathroom. The amazing water sex accessories available now online will help you to stick these grips in a place where you have nothing to grab on. Positional sex toys include foot rests and handles to try out different sex positions which you couldn’t have done without them. You can fix these suction based aids to the walls and the floors to start experiencing the pleasure of wet sex. It brings the fun back into it by making it simple to leverage safely.

Many men and women masturbate in the shower by the use of shower heads for stimulation. When strong warm water streams fall on the penis or clitoris it serves to stimulate. You can adjust the temperature of the water to a different levels to experience different sensations. This action increases sensitivity and will cause the blood to flow stronger increasing arousal. The quantum of erection becomes multi-fold and ejaculation for the men and climax for the female is easy.  As it is wet sex many men and women like to squirt/pee during it.

Enjoy Sex Toys In The Bathroom

You can enjoy vibrating sex toys in your bathroom, you are quite right about your thoughts.  There are many popular styles of sex toys that are water proof and it is only up to you to choose which best suits.  When having sex in the shower bear in mind that waterproof lubricants just don’t cut it. This means that if you wish to incorporate lubricant with your shower sextoys play you must use a silicone lube as water ones will wash away.  Some of the best lubricants provided online work perfectly in the shower are silicone lubricants such as the Award Winning Superslyde and many more. These completely negate the effect of water washing away the personal lube while multiplying your sexual pleasure. These lubricants have been designed to help you stick to, and enjoy your sexual experience in the shower.

Some of the more popular water sex toys used to enhance your sexual pleasure in the shower are thigh cuffs with suction cups, all in red vibrator, masturbation sleeve, charisma vibes, flexible vibrator, remote vibrator, vibration bullet, rabbit water proof, advanced rabbit, hydro pump, hydro cleaning, shower trap, comfort pad, doggie style strap, sex in the shower anal beads, water proof vibrating cock ring, water proof double sided suction cup, vibrating foam sea sponge, single locking suction foot rest, single locking suction handle, dual locking suction handle, shower suction hand cuffs, shower vibrating mesh sponge, shower vibrating sponge, shower waterproof massager, water proof power bullet, water proof cock ring, wireless water proof vibrator, dual motor water proof wireless vibrator, water safe vibrator, and glass dildo are some of the products that can be used in your bathroom to take your shower sex experience to the next level.

One – Ensure that the water temperature is at the perfect comfort level for you.

Two – If you are having fun in the bath with a lover do not fill it too much, as the deeper the water the harder to incorporate sex toys or other sexual acts like a blow job.

Three – Use bubbles in the bath or lather up in the shower.  Nothing feels better.

Four – Make the mood romantic.  Dim the lights if you can, burn a scented candle.  Make it an experience.

Five – Lube up with silicone lube.  Even though you are having wet sex this will tend to dilute the body’s natural lubricants.

Six – Make sure you place grips, handles and footrests securely so that you can have sex with safety.

Seven – Incorporate Waterproof Sex Toys whether it be a solo or couples experience.

Eight – Have fun, be spontaneous.


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