Silicone Vibrators

Silicone Vibrators

Silicone Sex Toy Guide | Information on Vibrating Silicone Vibrators

When shopping for a new dress or a new pair of shoes you always have an idea of what you are looking for. This should also not be different when shopping for a vibrator. Perhaps silicone vibrators are most people’s preference but what other people prefer should not be the only reason that should go for them? What are the other important things you should consider when buying a vibrator? These are two very important questions that you should answer before making a purchase from any reputable adult store.

Silicone Sex Toys

A vibrator is an important ingredient to a satisfying sex life and so buying one that works well for you cannot be overemphasized. However, it is important to know that whatever works well for your friends will not necessarily work for you. Recommendations from friends are very helpful but your individual needs should always supersede everything else.

Why Choose A Silicone Vibrator

So why choose a silicone vibrator the first answer is simple – it is the material. The material might seem so important since most are made from silicone but this is not exactly true as they can be different in subtle ways.  Silicone is derived from naturally occurring elements which have to undergo some chemical processes. The condition through which the silicone is extracted directly affects its quality.  This means that the quality of the silicone used to make your vibrator has some impact in the quality of the vibrator. The purer the silicone the better the quality of your vibrator so always ensure that you check to make sure that any vibrating sextoys you purchase are made from pure medical grade silicone and not a hybrid with other materials.

Frequency of the vibrations frequent users will attest to the fact the frequency of the vibrations is extremely important for maximum pleasure. A vibrating sex toy should give the user the ability to control the frequency of the vibrations. This will ensure that they are able to control the pace of the entire encounter to ensure they fulfill all their desires.  Vibrators with a fixed vibration frequency are very limiting especially if you like making explorations with your toy.

Size, texture and shape are also important when choosing vibrating sextoys. This again will be determined by your personal preferences. Some people would prefer smooth and soft ones while others wouldn’t mind a rougher or studded texture.  Each individual has their own size and shape of their preferred vibrators. Some would prefer long 9 inches plus vibrators while for others at 5 inches one would do magic.  On the other hand some would prefer a simple straight vibrator while some prefer slightly bended ones to work more on their g-spot.  Consider your personal tastes and preference first, this is the only way you will be able to enjoy the services of your silicone vibrator.

Most manufacturers will try as much as possible to make your vibrating sex toy as easy to use as possible.  One thing that affects the ease of use is the grip or handle of your vibrator. Some come with a small ring for you to insert a few fingers in order to be able to hold it better. Others will come with a broader base or an extended finger grip.  If you are not able to grip well then you will not be able to maneuver well and hence it becomes difficult to use and not satisfy you completely,

Silicone Is Easy To Clean And BodySafe

Being easy to clean also makes it more usable and hygienic and reliability is important too as you do not want to spoil that ‘wow’ moment as the battery dries or the vibrations malfunction.

It would be such a disappointment when the battery that powers the vibrator dies on you when you’re just about to get there.  If it uses a rechargeable battery it should be able to store power long enough for you to finish your business and at least two hours of continuous use without recharging.

No matter how much you need a vibrator cost is always a factor for many people.  If you want a luxury sextoy then expect a higher price tag.  Often these more expensive sextoys will come with extended warranties or guarantee’s so that you know the craftsmanship of the product is great.  Whereas cheap vibrators could be of lower quality that may be break down on you or be made of inferior materials. Silicone Vibrators will always be most peoples’ number one type vibrating sextoy but it is important to ensure that you choose the right one for you. This will ensure you get to experience all the goodness and benefits that the toy has to offer.

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