The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys for Your Pleasure

The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys for Your Pleasure

Sex toys can give you a lot of exciting and unforgettable moments so why not use the Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys. You can use them both for sex tips in a new relationship and for married couples.

The market of sex devices is striking in its diversity – from miniature pocket vibrators to masturbation machines. You will be surprised, but this is one of the most popular requests for a $2000 payday loan. You can equip an entire pleasure room, but for beginners, simpler devices are more suitable. This article will tell you what sex toys are for and how to use them correctly. Stay tuned to find out more sex tips!

Ignite Your Passion


With the help of handcuffs, the partner’s body is immobilized. Such a device makes it possible to experience unusual sensations, try new positions. Put handcuffs on your partner’s arms or legs and then caress their body until they ask for mercy.


Want some sex tips for marriage? Ticklers, feathers, sticks, whips are other versions of sexy devices used to fuel passion and stimulate sensitive areas of the body. Feathers and ticklers are used during foreplay. You need to gently touch the erogenous zones, causing waves of pleasant emotions. Then you can spank your partner with whips and stacks.

Warming lubricants, condoms with spikes, harnesses, body paints, sexy lingerie, massage oils, and other toys can make foreplay bright and memorable.


The vibrator is a favorite toy of many women. Using this device, you can have a powerful orgasm. The vibrator is used as a part of foreplay or after sex to prolong the moment of ultimate pleasure. Thanks to some sex tips, this device can give you an unforgettable experience. Vibrators can be vaginal, clitoral, anal, or even tiny finger toys.


Want some sex tips to make a woman happy? Try a simple dildo! It is a sex toy that mimics an erect penis of different sizes and materials. Such a device is used before sex to warm up or after it to enjoy an enchanting orgasm.

Butt Plugs

A butt plug is a toy for thrill-seekers. They give women unforgettable pleasure, especially when used during vaginal sex. Also, some men would love to try these unusual sensations from anal penetration. Any woman can help make this dream come true. All you need to do is buy an anal strap-on and use it carefully.

Extend Your Moment of Pleasure

The problem for many lovers is the inability to have an orgasm at the same time. Want to improve your sex tips and skills?  It is easy to find a way out of this situation with the help of some sex devices.

Cock Ring

An erection ring is a simple but extremely effective solution that will help to cope with a weak erection or premature ejaculation. Such rings are distinguished by their elegant design and pleasant texture. Some models are created to strengthen the penis and provide additional pleasure to the woman, thanks to the vibration function.

It is a unique toy that will improve your sexual performance. The ring is put on a penis, slightly squeezing it at the base, disrupting blood circulation, thus increasing the duration of an erection. The cock ring will help lovers not only have an orgasm at the same time but also enjoy it as much as possible.

Penis Sleeve

It is a device that will make sex unforgettable. The sleeve, depending on the design, is capable of increasing the penis in length or width. With such a toy, a man becomes more confident, and a woman receives more pleasure. Just put it on the penis and enjoy!

Clitoris Stimulator

It is a toy created for female pleasure. You can use the device before sex to warm up or after the orgasm of one of the partners if the second fails to reach it. Or you can use it alone, and it will give you a wave of intense sexual experiences.

Take Care of Your Health

Do you need some healthy sex tips and ideas? Women can prevent complex inflammatory diseases in the pelvic organs with vaginal balls or Kegel toys. It is quite easy to practice with such devices. All you need is to regularly place the balls in the vagina for 5-10 minutes. Remember to increase your workout time gradually. When purchasing the first Kegel balls, opt for light, medium-sized models. When you learn to hold them inside, you can buy heavier, smaller models.

Vaginal balls can also be used during sex play. By placing them in the vagina before sex, a woman can be pretty aroused. Leaving them in the vagina during anal penetration can help you experience unforgettable moments.

Here are some great sex tips for seniors. Some men, after 50 years, may experience problems with the genitourinary system. One of the most serious diseases that one may deal with is inflammation of the prostate. The prostate massager is a simple but effective way to prevent and treat diseases of the genitourinary system with pleasure.

Whichever sex toy you choose, remember the main safety rules. Before first use and after each sex, wash the toy with soap and water or use special cleaners. Make sure to lubricate well for healthier use and a better feeling. Remember that a different type of lubricants is suitable for different materials of the sex toys.

Before making sex devices a part of your sex tips, talk to your partner about what you both want to do with the toy and what you don’t want. Choose the toy that you like and try our sex tips step by step. Enjoy and get to know your body!

What is your favorite sex toy? What would you like to try? Please, don’t forget to share in the comments!

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