Top 10 Male Sex Toys To Make Your Man Climax

Top 10 Male Sex Toys To Make Your Man Climax

Sex toys aren’t new. It has always been one of the best things couples can use to spice up their sex lives. But since the restriction on people’s sex lives due to the pandemic, the sale of sex toys subsequently rose. Along with this, it seems a lot of men are finally becoming more open to using male sex toys.

Guys are starting to realize that sex toys are really just an extension of their good old hands. Even women who used to be averse to adding sex toys in sexual relationships are starting to see the appeal. Because the taboo is slowly disappearing, more and more brands release all kinds of male sex toys that can satisfy various sexual needs.

  1. Cock Rings

The first in this list are cock rings, often used during sex with a partner. Men wear a cock ring when erect to restrict the blood flow by putting it at the base of the penis. With the cock ring, men can stay erect for a longer time.

It’s, therefore, great for guys who have problems with erection. Cock rings might be the sex tool to help your partner last longer. However, it shouldn’t stay on for more than 30 minutes, or you’re cutting off the blood supply to the penis.

  1. Fleshlights

Technically, ‘Fleshlight’ is the company’s name, but it is now synonymous with any male stroker device in the same flashlight-like design. The best thing about fleshlights is there are a wide variety of styles for everyone.

Some fleshlights come with mouth, vagina, and anus openings. There are also fleshlights with different textures inside made to feel as realistic as possible. Fleshlights are mostly a masturbation toy, so it’s often solo use, but it’s also great for couple sex.

  1. Penis Vibrators

They’re also known as guybrators, which vibrators used to pleasure the penis. There are various designs of penis vibrators available. Some of these vibrators are close-ended, while others have vibrating massage wands.

In using penis vibrators, the target is usually the glans or the head of the penis. Since the glans is the most sensitive area, you can make your man climax fast with just a penis vibrator alone. Of course, this device can also be used for masturbating.

  1. Prostate Massagers

Sex toys aren’t just targeted at stroking or vibrating the penis. These days, prostate products are becoming just as popular, even for straight couples. After all, the prostate is a pleasure center packed with nerves known as the male G-spot.

When stimulated, the prostate can give a man multiple orgasms. It’s an experience that your man might want to try, but of course, consent is important. If he wants to try it, prostate massagers are the best sex toys to achieve this.

5. Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation sleeves are the most popular and most common sex toys for a male. It’s a pretty straightforward masturbator – you just insert and enjoy the pleasure. But it can be better because there are all kinds of sleeves for different pleasure preferences.

They used to be solo toys, but masturbation sleeves are a popular accessory to couples these days. They are especially great during foreplay and even oral sex. Go by lubing it up, then stroke your man’s penis to make him clima.

6. Ball Spreader

This one is another excellent sex toy that helps your man has an enhanced erection by spreading, well, his balls. This sex toy basically elongates the scrotum, which adds a weight that pulls the testicles down.

It sounds torture, but as they say, there’s a thin line between pleasure and pain. A ball spreader ventures in that direction, making orgasms more intense and making sex more pleasurable for men.

7. Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are great for solo pleasure and couple play. They can even help improve erectile dysfunction and might help add length or girth to a penis. With these effects, penis pumps can be one of the best toys to increase both partners’ pleasure.

There are also all kinds of penis pumps available, with the water-based one being the most popular. Penis pumps can be used to temporarily increase the hardness and size of the erection for better sex. However, safe use is crucial to avoid damage.

8. Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are great for men who want to try a different kind of pleasure. The anus is actually a pleasure center with all sensitive nerve endings. It can improve your sex life whether you’re solo or with your partner, but you must be patient and properly prep.

Most of the time, it’s used to prepare the anus for sexual pleasure. However, there are various ways to use it, such as stimulating the anus, tickling the prostate, or simply wearing it for enhanced orgasm. Whichever way it is, butt plugs are great sex tools.

9. Anal Beads

Anal beads are another sex toy that can enhance a man’s sex life by playing with his anus. It’s a great sexual device for both solo play and sex with a partner in all kinds of sexual situations.

The toy consists of several balls or spheres attached in series inserted through the anus to the rectum. Some of it has vibrations too, which effectively increases pleasure when used in penetrative sex, oral, or even masturbating.

10. Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are among the most popular sex toys today, mostly for men who aren’t in a relationship. However, many couples today are also open to adding variety to their sex life by exploring sex dolls.

The best thing about sex dolls is the variety and how eerily realistic they can be. Sex dolls today come in all sizes and shapes, from inflatable to true mannequins. This means that couples are sure to find the perfect doll to liven up the sex.


With so many sex toys for males out there, it’s impossible to pick the best toy overall. But there’s really no need to choose one when you want variety and spice to your sex life. If ordinary sex starts to feel too mundane for you and your partner, then Sohimi might have the best sex toys that can please your needs.

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