Different Kinds Of Vibrators

Different Kinds Of Vibrators

Different Kinds Of Vibrators

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There are three main kind of Vibrators including regular Vibrators, Thrusters and Oscillators. First let’s talk about the large range of features that Vibrators have.Generally the more features a Vibrator has the more it will cost.

Features Of A Vibrator


There are Vibrators which have a shaft which rotates in circles. This provides a larger area of stimulation.

Multiple Speeds

Vibrators can be made with different levels of speeds, there are some made with one set speed which cannot be changed and others Vibrator which have different levels of intensities.

Multiple Modes

A Vibrator can be programmed with a range of different modes which can help build up a gradual orgasm.


Some Vibrators have a feature which allows the sex toy to warm up before or during use, this is especially wonderful if you plan on using it during winter or you would like to engage in temperature play.

Massage Beads

There are Vibrators which are made with metal, plastic and pearl massage beads which are situated in the type of the shaft.The massage beads move in a circular motion for additional stimulation, they are often found in sex toys named “Jack Rabbits”.


There are a Vibrators which are made for different areas of stimulation which are made with varying dimensions. This means you are able to find a product which works with your body type.


There are Vibrators which are made with a bendable material which allows the Vibrator to move with the amount of pressure which you place on the sex toy during use. Likewise, you can also buy Vibrators which allow you to able to change the shape of the body before use which means you can adapt the sex toy to what you need at that point in time.


A standard Vibrator is made with one motor but with advancements in technology you are able to buy a Vibrator with multiple motors. Having additional motors adds to the power of the sex toy and can provide extra stimulation to other areas of your erogenous zones.


Vibrators which are made with a waterproof design can be used in the bath or the shower and are extremely easy to clean.

Splash Proof

Some Vibrators are only splash proof which means that if they come in contact with a liquid like a personal lubricant they are generally safe but cannot be used in the bathroom or shower.

Travel Lock

With the need for a Vibrator to be travel friendly, you will be able to find Vibrators that are made with a travel lock feature which ensures that the sex toy does not accidently turn on when you are taking it from one place to another.

Dual Ended

Vibrators can be made with dual ends which means that both sides can be used for stimulation. Dual Ended Vibrators usually have a small and a large sized tip, this is great if you would like to start with something which is smaller in size and work your way up to something much larger.

Dual Stimulation

Vibrators can be made with dual stimulation which allows two different areas of the body to be stimulated at the same time. For example, Rabbit Vibrators are made with G-Spot and Clitoral stimulation whereas Prostate Massagers can be made with P-Spot and Perineum stimulation.


Thrusters are also known as Pulsators work by moving back and forth in a thrusting motion. They are used for hands free g-spot, a-spot or to stimulate the prostate gland which will mimic the feeling of penetrative sexual intercourse. Thrusters are different from Vibrators as they are often made with magnetics which push the sex toy back and forth rather than a motor which makes the sex toy vibrate. One of the most famous types of Thrusters is made in Germany by the adult lifestyle company named Fun Factory who have a range named “Stronics”.

If a person requires additional stimulation, there are Thrusters which are made clitoral stimulators which creates the ultimate penetrative experience. Thrusters are often larger in size when compared with Vibrators since they require a larger area of space for the magnets to work. You can definitely work your way up to using a Thruster.

Thrusters are incredible for those who have issues with movement, joint inflammation or people who are disabled as the sex toy does all the work for them. You just have to turn the sex toy and allow it to do its magic.


There is a new range of men’s and women’s sex toys which are called Oscillators that are made with Oscillating Plates. Oscillating Plates move in a back and forward motion like a piston which pushes and pulls on erogenous zones. This technology is made with a patented design called “PulsePlate” technology which is made by Hot Octopuss who developed the Pulse Range of Oscillators. PulsePlate technology can be considered an intense and powerful type of sexual stimulation which does not vibrate or pulsate. The technology was originally used in hospitals to sexual assist patients with disabilities but was then adapted by sex toy experts to make quality adult lifestyle products.

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