Different Ways Vibrators Are Powered

Different Ways Vibrators Are Powered

Different Ways Vibrators Are Powered

Vibrators are powered by a variety of different methods including regular batteries, lithium batteries, some Vibrator’s are plugged directly into apower supply and some use magnetic rechargers. Below you will find explanations of how vibrators are powered.


Vibrators which are run by batteries are normally more affordably priced which is why there are a lot of them placed on the shelves.

AA Batteries By Duracell Used To Power Vibrators
Duracell Batteries

Lithium Batteries

There are different types of Lithium Batteries including Primary Lithium Batteries and Secondary Lithium Batteries. Primary lithium batteries which are made to be used and then disposed when it runs out of power. Once a battery runs out of power, it will need to be replaced with a new one. Secondary Lithium Batteries are made to be rechargeable and do not need to be replaced. Some Lithium Batteries are harder to find and purchase in stores.

4 Pack Of Lithium Batteries By Energizer Used To Power Vibrating Sex Toys
Energizer Lithium Batteries

Plugged Directly Into A Power Supply

Some Vibrators are plugged directly into a power supply, this allows the Vibrator to use as much power as it needs. You will often find that Bodywands and Body Massagers are plugged directly into a power supply as they need a lot of electricity to run at higher levels of intensity.

Magnetic Rechargers

Magnetic Rechargers is a feature which is included in Vibrators which are made by companies like Fun Factory. Fun Factory calls this feature “Click N’ Charge” technology which is a universal charger that uses a USB to plug into an adapter or a device like a personal computer or laptop. If you lose your magnetic Recharger you are easily and affordably able to buy a replacement cord so you do not have to waste money on buying a completely new Vibrator.Companies like Fun Factory have included magnetic rechargers do not have a direct socket that you have to plug the device into. This means that their Vibrators are waterproof which allows then to be easily cleaned. It also helps their Vibrators to have lease cracks and minimal amounts of seams where bacteria can become trapped in. For more information about the company who are well known for making these amazing magnetic rechargers, read Adultsmart’s Exclusive Interview With Laura Von Der Brelie From Fun Factory.

USB Magnetic Charger By Fun Factory Used To Recharge Vibrators
Fun Factory Sex Toy Accessories

Rechargeable Vibrators

When you are purchasing a Vibrator you have to consider how long you are planning on using the Vibrator for. If you would like to look at your Vibrator as a long term investment which you can used as a sexual aid which will help to enhance your personal lifestyle, it is recommended to buy a Vibrator which is rechargeable. Rechargeable Vibrators have many benefits including:

The Cost Of Replacement Batteries

You do not need to continuously buy replacement batteries. If you are using your Vibrator over a long period of time, the amount of money you will spend on the batteries will end up more than the price you would have paid to buy a rechargeable Vibrator. In the long run if you buy a rechargeable Vibrator you will end up saving money that you can end up spending on other things!

Batteries May Leak Toxic Liquid

You do not have to remove batteries after use because you are potentially scared of the batteries leaking a toxic liquid which will damage your Vibrator and leave it unusable. This liquid also poses a potential risk of catching alight and causing a fire. If the batteries do leak, you will end up buying a new Vibrator which will end up costing you even more money.

Batteries Rattle Around Inside A Vibrator During Use

When you are using a Vibrator, the last thing that you want is a loud sex toy telling the world what you are doing. Batteries rattle around inside the Vibrator which make it even louder than rechargeable Vibrators. This is especially the case if the Vibrator is made from a harder material like plastic.

Rechargeable Vibrators Have Low Power Indicators

You are able to buy a rechargeable Vibrator which has a light which will tell you when it needs to be recharged when it is running low in power. This will save you from those tricky situations when you are using your Vibrator to build up a wonderful climax but then your Vibrator suddenly stops or slows down because it does not have enough power to run. Once you find where you have stored the batteries, find out which battery no longer work and replace the battery, you may need to build up your orgasm again and your mood may be completely ruined.

Rechargeable Vibrators Have Longer Lasting Power

Rechargeable Vibrators have different ranges of power storage which allows them to run for different amounts of time. You are able to find rechargeable Vibrators which last longer than battery powered Vibrators which means you can go for longer periods of time without having to recharge it.

Rechargeable Vibrators Are Ergonomically Friendly

If you are looking to make a purchase which leaves less of an impact on the environment, it is best to choose rechargeable Vibrators. Rechargeable Vibrators do not have batteries that you have to throw in the bin.

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