Different Styles Of Vibrators

Different Styles Of Vibrators

Different Styles Of Vibrators

There are over 20 styles of vibrators which are made for different purposes. Below you will find a list of the different types of vibrators and a brief outline as to how they are used.

Vibrating Kegel Balls And Love Eggs

Vibrating Love Egg Vive Zeki By Shots Toys Is A G-Spot Stimulator
Sex Toy: Shots Toys Vive Zeki

Vibrating Kegel Balls which are also known as Ben Wa Balls are used by women to develop their Pelvic Floor Muscles. The Pelvic Floor Muscles is a section of tissue and muscle in the pelvis which is used to function the bladder, bowel and womb. Throughout a woman’s life, Pelvic Floor Muscles can be weakened by aging, being physically unfit or obese, being pregnant, giving birth, lifting heavy objects, constipation, hormones changes and by having a continuous cough. A woman with weak Pelvic Floor Muscles may struggle with a variety of issues including having trouble control bladder or bowel movements, muscle spasms, feelings of pain or pressure in the vagina or rectum and pelvic organ prolapse.

Although the weakening of the Pelvic Floor Muscles is a normal process of aging, Love Eggs and Kegel Balls can be used by women to perform Kegel exercises which will help to develop strong Pelvic Floor Muscles which will help to improve how they function.  Vibrating Kegel Balls can have one ball or two balls that are connected together with varying weights inside. Beginners start off with a Kegel Ball that is light in weight and work their way up to something which is heavier as their Pelvic Floor Muscles develop to become stronger.

A Love Egg is similar to a Vibrating Kegel Ball but it is shaped like an egg or a bullet vibrator. Love Eggs are mainly used as a clitoral vibrator or can be inserted for g-spot stimulation. Vibrating Kegel Balls and Love Eggs are often attached with a string which allows a person the ability to easily remove the sex toy after it has been inserted which is helpful for women who are at the beginning stages of developing their pelvic floor muscles.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators is a sex toy which is made for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. Bullet Vibrators are small in size and are often shaped to look like a lipstick. They are made with different styles of tips including bulbous, lipstick and tapered.

Ultra Bullet Massager By FemmeFunn Is A Clitoral Stimulator
Sex Toy: FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet Massager

Vibrating Handheld Massagers

Vibrating Handheld Massagers are held in the palm of your hand and are made for overall stimulation of the inner and outer labia which means you are able to stimulate the clitoris and the u-spot at the exact same time. They are shaped to softly curve which naturally follows the contours of your body. Vibrating Handheld Massagers can also be used on other erogenous zones like the testicles and nipples.

Kushi From The Product Range Iroha+ By Tenga Is A Clitoral Massager
Sex Toy: TengaIroha+ Kushi

Finger & Tongue Vibrators

Finger & Tongue Vibrators are sex toys which are attached to parts of the body to enhance the level of stimulation. For example a Tongue Vibrator can be attached to the mouth or tongue which allows a person to comfortably give their lover oral as it vibrates sending stimulation through their tongue to their lover’s erogenous zones. Likewise a Finger Vibrator can be worn on a finger as a person gives clitoral or g-spot stimulation to their lover.

Pyxis Finger Massager From The Product Range Key By Jopen
Sex Toy: Key By Jopen Pyxis Finger Massager

Phallic And Non-Phallic Vibrators

Phallic Vibrators are sex toys which look like a realistic penis. They are usually made with a silicone mix that makes the sex toy feel like realistic skin. The realistic look and feel help the person using the sex toy become sexually aroused by the effect of what it is like to have penetrative sex.  Whereas, Non-Phallic Vibrators are sex toys which are ergonomically designed for pinpoint stimulation to certain erogenous zones. Non-Phallic Vibrators are used by people who do not want to use a product which appears to be realistic. They are often made to have a discrete appearance.

Big Boss From The Product Range Black Line By Fun Factory Is A Women�s Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Big Boss

Straight Vibrators

Straight Vibrators are sex toys which are made with different measurements of height, width, textures and features. Some Straight Vibrators can stimulate the G-Spot or the A-Spot.

Three From The Product Range Envy By Jopen Is A Womens Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Envy by Jopen Three

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators are sex toys which are made to reach a women’s Grafenberg Spot. The Grafenberg Spot is an erogenous zone which is located within the vagina. When the G-Spot is stimulated it can cause a women to experience an orgasm. By using a Vibrator that is designed specifically to reach that part in a women’s body which is located around 5 centimetres to 8 centimetres or 2 inches to 4 inches inside, the women will be able to achieve orgasm with ease.

BlueMotion Nex2 G-Massager By Ohmibod Is Used For Pinpoint G-Spot Stimulation
Sex Toy: BlueMotion Nex2 G-Massager

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrator are sex toys which are designed to provide G-Spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time. Rabbit Vibrators got their name as the clitoral stimulator were originally designed with nubs which looked like rabbit ears that would tickle the clitoris. Now, you can find a large range of Rabbit Vibrators with different types of clitoral stimulators.

Swan Adore Beauty By BMS Factory Is Used For Dual Stimulation

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs are sex toys that are designed for men and women who wish to feel full. Butt Plugs are now made with the additional functionality which allows them to vibrate for additional stimulation. Vibrating Butt Plugs are a great way to achieve sexual satisfaction. Men or women are able to start off with smaller sized Butt Plugs and work their way up to much larger sizes. It is a good way to train your body to become prepared for penetrative sex. It is important to note that, sex toys which are used for anal stimulation need to have a flared base which prevents the product from being sucked up in the anus.

Rimming Plug By b-Vibe Is Used For Anal Play
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Rimming Plug

Vibrating Men’s Masturbators

Men’s Masturbators are often made with an area which stores a vibrating bullet which provides additional stimulation when it is used.

Cobra Libre 2 By Fun Factory Is Used For Hands-free Stimulation
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

Vibrating Prostate Massagers

Vibrating Prostate Massagers is a type of men’s sex toy which are designed to stimulate the P-Spot which is considered to be the male version of the G-Spot. The Prostate is responsible for making up a part of the mixture of semen and when the prostate is stimulated it can lead to an intense type of orgasm. Prostate Massagers are often made the same size of a finger, but there are much larger sizes.

Perineum Vibrators

Perineum Vibrators is a type of men’s sex toy which stimulates the prostate externally, they are normally attached as an added area on a Prostate Massager.Prostate Massagers are also used for medical purposes.

The Prostate Rabbit By The Rabbit Company Is An Anal Sex Toy
Prostate Massagers

Body Wands

Body Wands are sex toys which are made for powerful stimulation. They can be used for any type of external stimulation and are usually used on the clitoris.

Die Cast By Doxy Is An Extremely Powerful Vibrator
Sex Toy: Doxy Die Cast

Vibrating Couples Sex Toys

With the development of a large range of technology and designs, the adult lifestyle industry has made way for couples who wish to develop healthy sexual relationship by adding sex toys into the mix. There is a large range of couple’s sex toys including:

Vibrating Couples Clitoral Stimulator

Vibrating Couples Clitoral Stimulators is a type of sex toy which is made to be worn inside or outside of the vagina. They are made in such a way that couples can experience penetrative sex comfortable.

Tiani 24K By LELO Is Worn By The Women During Penetrative Sex
Sex Toy: LELO Tiani 24K

Vibrating Double Penetrators

Vibrating Double Penetrators are sex toys which are worn at the base of a man’s erect penis, it is used so that their lover can experience vaginal and anal penetration at the same time.

Couples Vibrator By Romant Is Worn By A Man For Penetrative Sex
Sex Toy: Romant Couples Vibrator

Vibrating Strapless Strap-Ons

Vibrating Strapless Strap-Ons are a type of sex toy that has a short size that is worn inside a woman’s vagina who has strong Pelvic Floor Muscles whilst the longer side is penetrated into their lover.

ShareVibe 2.0 By Fun Factory Is Used To Stimulate Two People At The Same Time
Sex Toy: Fun Factory ShareVibe 2.0

Multi-Purpose Vibrators

Multi-Purpose Vibrators are sex toys which are adaptable for a wide range of uses. Some Multi-Purpose Vibrators like the Picobong Transformer can be used a nipple, g-spot, perineum and p-spot stimulator or turned into a Vibrating Cock Ring.

Transformer By PicoBong Can Be Used To Stimulate Multiple Erogenous Zones
Sex Toy: PicoBong Transformer

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating Cock Rings are a great male sex toy used to help keep the blood flow within a penis which can help provide a stronger and longer lasting erection. They usually have a clitoral or testicle stimulator which is ribbed for added pleasure during couple’s sex.

Pino By LELO Used For Enhanced Blood Flow In The Penis
Sex Toy: LELO Pino

Vibrating Sex Toy Machines

A Vibrating Sex Toy Machines can be used for people who would like added power for an effortless penetrative experience. They are made with a large range of attachments including dildos and vibrators. They are also often larger in size and take more space to store.

International Rockin' Chair From The Product Range Fetish Fantasy By Pipedream Products
Sex Toy: Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair

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