Different Vibrations And Controls

Different Vibrations And Controls

Different Vibrations And Controls

Vibrators are made with different levels of functionality so you should spend some time searching for how you would like your sex toy to work for you, the purpose of the sex toy and what positions you will be using the Vibrator in. Different functionalities give the user different types of experiences.

Different Types Of Vibrations

There are two main types of vibration controls which are available for both men’s and women’s sex toys which include speed and mode choices.


Vibrators often have speed control which changes the level of intensity the vibrations are delivered. This allows people control the level of intensity which helps them to be able to build up a gradual and controlled orgasm.Speed is one of the most important features that most sex toys should have.


Vibrators often have a selection of different modes which allows the vibrations to be delivered with different patterns. Patterns are important for people who enjoy varied stimulation.

Different Types Of Controls

There is a selection of different types of controls which are made for a variety of purposes.

The most common types of controllers that you will find include wired remote controls, wireless remote controls, buttons, speed dials, squeeze control, recorded playback and downloadable remote control applications.

Wired Remote Controls

Wired Remote Controls are corded directly onto the Vibrator, the cords provide enough length so the user is able to easily use the device without having to be worried about placing their bodies in awkward positions to get it to work. Wired Remote Controls are normally the most affordable types of Vibrators that are available in sex toy shops. They however do not look as aesthetically pleasing as other types of Remote Controls.

"Love Eggs With A Wired Remote Control
Sex Toy: California Exotics Entice Ella

Wireless Remote Controls

Wireless Remote Controls are especially useful for when people are in sex positions that does not allow them full access to the Vibrator or when people are participating in solo masturbation and would like to easily do other things with their hands. They are commonly found with products which are needed to be used during couples play. For example, sex toys like the We-Vibe 4 Plus which is worn by a woman during penetrative sex and Butt Plugs or prostate massagers like b-Vibe’s range which allows for anal stimulation that allows your hands to be free to engage in other activities.

A Couple Vibrator With A Wireless Remote Control
Sex Toy: We-Vibe 4 Plus


One of the most common features you will find on Vibrators are the buttons placed directly on the base of the sex toy. This is especially useful for products which you need to grip onto which allows you to apply different amounts of pressure to different erogenous zones. LELO are well known for their different styles of Vibrators that are available for men and women, which have button on the base of their products.

A G-Spot Vibrator In Blue With Buttons On The Shaft
Sex Toy: LELO Gigi 2

Speed Dials

Speeds Dials are placed on Vibrators normally at the base or they can be also attached to a remote control. They are used on Vibrators for people who prefer different levels of intensity rather than different types of modes as it gives them the ability to quickly change the intensity to suit their personal needs. These types of Vibrators can be extremely useful for people who are beginning to learn about how to use their sex toy. You will normally find speed dials on Vibrators similar to Bodywands.

External Vibrator With Speed Dial Controls In Blue And White
Sex Toy:Bodywand Original Massager

Squeeze Control

You will be able to find Vibrators that have Squeeze Control which allows you to physically squeeze in the sides of the sex toy to control the level of intensity. Vibrators with Squeeze Control are made for people who would like to immerse themselves physically into the experience. As they feel like they would like to build more intensity, they squeeze their hand and the Vibrator will naturally react. It will almost be as if it were a naturally extension of your body. The Minna Limon is a handheld clitoral massager that is well known for their soft and plush body that has Squeeze Control.

Limon By Minna A Vibrator For External Stimulation
Sex Toy: Minna Limon

Recorded Playback

There are Vibrators which allow you to record your own different types of modes. This allows you to completely be in control of the way your Vibrators responds and when you would like the pattern to change. This is great if you would like a fully customisable experience.

Downloadable Remote Control Applications

With advancements in technology you are able to find Vibrators which provide a free application which allows you to download into on a device like a mobile phone, laptop or computer. The application will allow you to fully customise the speeds and modes of Vibrations that are available on your desktop. Furthermore, it can be used as a remote control and other people are able to download it onto their device which gives them control of the device from other locations in the world. One of the most famous adult lifestyle companies which offers this is We-Vibe who have made the We-Connect App available to download for Google and Apple devices.Another adult lifestyle company who are well known for providing a downloadable remote control app is MysteryVibe.

We-Connect App By We-Vibe A Program That Controls Vibrators
Standard Innovation Corporation Sex Toys

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