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Lelo Gigi 2

Lelo Premium G Spot Massager

The Lelo Gigi 2 is Lelo’s premium G-spot massager. It has been around for several years and it was one of the last Lelo products to get an update, which in one way is understandable. The Gigi is a very distinct and brilliant design. What people love about the Gigi is that it doesn’t focus on a precise g-spot stimulation, rather, the flattened end of the Gigi provides an all-round massager point that stimulates a broad area. This broad end is perfect not only for G-spot stimulation but also as an all-round body massager. Once you have lubed up the Gigi’s end, it will pretty much go wherever you want, need or desire it to go.

The Gigi is one of Lelo’s more petite toys. It’s considerably shorter in length, and less girthy than tan the majority of the other Lelo vibrators, but that is what makes the Gigi 2 to be so special.

As with other Lelo products, the Gigi 2 is rechargeable, and with the upgrade is now completely and utterly waterproof. It features a unique charging point which prevents water from getting in and this means that you can not only use Gigi 2 in the bedroom, but you can also take it into the bath, spa and shower for some sensual alone time with the suds. Maybe even include a glass of wine or champagne into the mix for a truly relaxing evening with a loved one and your favourite XXX movie for couples.

The Gigi 2 has a well-earned reputation for being one of the premium g spot massagers on the market as it offers an impressive amount of power and an intuitive design that seeks out and finds the G-spot for you. It doesn’t have as much power as other vibrators, but because the Gigi doesn’t bend or twist it means that you can provide an immense amount of pleasure in a single spot. It will definitely assist anyone in helping to explore their anatomy and pleasure.

Now to the specs. The Lelo Gigi 2 is a 6.5 inch length vibrator with a 1.38 inch diameter which is quite petite and small. The Gigi in this regard is exceptionally good for beginners and people just starting to explore the world of sex toys. Lelo celebrated the release of edition two by adding the colour grey to their spectrum. This is a very nice deviation to the traditional use of girlie colours for what is otherwise considered to be women’s toys.


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The Gigi 2 comes with an ABS plastic handle and a smooth velvety silicone shaft. There’s really no silicone like Lelo silicone, and the great thing about the silicone that Lelo uses is that it doesn’t grab dust like a lot of other silicones out there. Meaning that Lelo toys are much easier to clean up and maintain than other companies. The great thing about lelo silicone is that whilst it feels fantastic against the skin when dry, it feels absolutely sublime when you place some lubricant on it and use it. The silicone doesn’t get grippy or tacky and it will just glide with sensual pleasure.

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For a pleasant evening at home when he is gone for the night you can have it all with Gigi! Gigi is the G-spot massager for the discriminating woman. The tip is designed specifically to reach the elusive G-spot and hover delicately over it sending waves of pleasure crashing through your body from the inside out. Gigi’s super silent motor means that the only sounds being heard will be those you will be making as Gigi and its vibes course through you. With five different stimulation modes, you have the control as to how much power and intensity to use to find the setting that is right for you. And since Gigi is rechargeable you won’t be fumbling for batteries to keep the action going! An evening with Gigi is one that words will fail you in trying to describe.