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Dare Me Pleasure Kit

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The Dare Me pleasure set is a 50 shades of Grey inspired bondage set made by the luxury adult toy manufacturer and it includes a number of sensual items for bondage inspired pleasure. Inside the Dare Me Pleasure kit you’re going to find the Lelo Sensua suede whip, the Lelo Beads Noir, and the Lelo Etherea Silk Cuffs. Each of these items can be bought separately as they are, however theres just something magical and beautiful about the kit and its sturdy black box that fits the luxury toy company.

Lelo Dare Me Pleasure Kit

The first thing that you’ll notice when it arrives is that unlike other Lelo products, the Dare me Pleasure Kit comes in a sturdy black storage box. This box can be kept and used as the storage for the products, or you can use your own storage instead. Instead of the normal cardboard box with the product image on it, the Pleasure set comes with an easy cardboard slipcover that slides right off. The storage box simply says Lelo on it, so unless you have prying eyes and small children, then no-one is every going to know what’s inside.


What’s In The Lelo Dare Me Gift Pack

Let’s explore this kit by looking at the contents individually. The first item in this set are the Mini Luna Beads Noir. These are black versions of the Luna beads. A word of advice; wash these after taking them out of the box. They will most likely be covered in small little black flecks of leather that have come from the flogger. The unusual thing about this set of beads, is that unlike the other Luna Beads, these will only come with a single set of vaginal balls and you can’t switch out to different weights. With this in mind, if you’re specifically after the Luna Beads then you should simply get the Luna Beads Mini set which will give you the extra set of balls. However, if you’re more looking at this as just a sensual bondage collection – then by all means read on.

The vaginal balls are pretty easy and standard to use. Apply a small amount of lubricant to them, and gently pop them in. Once they’re in your immediately going to feel that your muscles are tensing up and trying to hold them in place. From here you can walk around, do your daily chores, or simply relax and let the beads do their work in tightening, strengthening and toning the muscles. The ball inserts on the Noir are metal, and as such they might be considered to be louder than other Kegel Balls, however, unless you’re using them in dead silence and being exceptionally active, you’re going to be unlikely to hear them surrounded by ambient noise. As for sensation –these aren’t designed to create orgasmic feelings of pleasure and bliss but they are weighted enough for a muscle workout, and you’ll feel some sensation when wearing them.

The Ethera silk cuffs are another wonderful part of this bondage set. The unique thing about these cuffs is that they are essentially a long strand of satin material through which you can create custom ties. You could use the tail ends of each piece to tie it together, or you can use it to tie the individual cuffs to something like a bed post, the legs of a chair or something similar. Just make sure that the knots aren’t overly tight, because otherwise you’re going to end up spending a considerable amount of time trying to undo the knots. They’re silk remember.

Dare Me Pleasure Kit by Lelo

The last part of the set is probably our most favourite. The sensuaSuede Flogger is a beautiful flogger and it’s absolutely perfect for fun bedroom play. Be warned, this is a fun bedroom item and it is not intended to be a hardcore kink whip. The flogger is very easily handled, thanks in part to the weighted aspect of the handle through the bulb that is placed on the handle to prevent it slipping from out of your hands. The tails feel incredibly sensual and unless you’re absolutely and steadfastly intent on doing so, you’ll be very hard pressed to find that you would cause any form of pain or leaving of marks. The Lelo Sensua flogger is definitely something for beginners as well as for advanced users of bondage floggers.

Another thing to keep in mind about this flogger is that it will initially provide a little shedding, and you’re going to find that the flogger will leave little black flecks all over the place. When you first get this, take it straight over to the trash can on arrival, and then run your hands through it and beat it a few times. It’s not going to prevent all of the shedding, but it will limit it. In time, the shedding will stop completely.

This set, as mentioned, has been inspired by the fifty shades of grey series and all the pieces work really well in conjunction with each other. It’s a nice set in that regard. Sure, you can buy all the pieces individually, but if you’re looking for a beautiful gift to spice up a relationship – then this is definitely something you should consider.

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Sensual Gift Pack by Lelo For Couples

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For all the sensual couples out there, this Fifty Shades of Grey gift pack set by Luxury powerhouse Lelo is sure to bring out the naughty in everyone. Complete with a sensual flogger, silk and suede cuffs and ben-wa balls for women – this gift pack is delightfully naughty. For cheeky passion, think Lelo.