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The Lelo Alia vibrator has designed for external stimulation. Mostly used as a clitoral vibrator but can also be used to tease vaginal opening and the lips. Smaller than a usual body massager the Lelo Alia is small enough for easy transport and discreetness. It is a great toy for couples and can be used to tease the tip of the penis or can also be placed under the balls. The versatility of the Lelo Alia is what makes it so unique, combine this with its sensual and ambiguous shape and you can easily see that the design of the Lelo Alia can be used by each individual for their partner regardless of their sex.

It helps your partner’s cock to feel a penetration if used when having sexual intercourse. Its many options allow you to play around with it so as to figure what’s best for you thus unlocking its potential. It provides a full body massage as it can be rubbed on any part of your body including the breasts.

Design Features Of A Luxury Vibrator

The Alia is made from high quality ABS plastic and high quality silicone and it is available at all good quality adult boutique stores. The silicone is latex free, phthalates free, non-porous, and hypo-allergenic and is food-grade. The plastic is also phthalates free and non-porous. The materials are safe to use an easy to clean. Its smooth and velvet feel works great for all users. Its tight construction makes it waterproof but it is advisable to avoid getting a lot of water and soap to DC socket. The silicone construction ensures that the toy has no real taste or smell.

It has a high-end design of sex toy couture. Its black version and silver center gives it a chic combination however the Alia is available in a variety of colors. Its shape resembles an egg; 7.81 cm long from the base to the tip and its widest point is 5cms. The tip of the egg is the pleasure point allowing pin-point accuracy. Vibration is transferred throughout the toy and prolonged used at highest setting can lead to numbness in sensitive people. As with any of the Lelo insignia range it is comfortable to hold. The tip rests perfectly on the clit while the body of the toy rests well on the outer labia. Use of Lelo Alia gives you pleasure from the vaginal to the clit as the toy transfers vibration throughout. Solo or partner play is enabled by the concave surface at the center of the toy as it forms a very useful handle. For a partner play, you should loop your pointer figure through the toy. Its total weight is 12.5 oz.

Lelo Alia Vibrator

Lelo Alia Controls/Performance:

The Lelo Alia vibrator functions are controlled by three oval shaped buttons which are a+ button that helps in increasing vibration, “—“ button that decreases vibration and a cycle button that helps when switching through various vibration patterns. Before using the vibrator, it is always advisable to play around with the buttons to figure them out. It has nine intensity levels which range from soft to very powerful. To cycle through the various functions, press and hold the middle button. Depressing the button helps to change its sensation. It has six functions and you can choose the one that best suits you.

What’s unique about the Lelo toys is their customization. Other pleasure objects will have pre-set speeds and settings in a simple button switch mode. The great thing about the Lelo is that the Lelo has a variety of different settings, which you can then adjust the speed on those settings. So if you like the Cha-cha setting, you could have that vibrating really softly and tantalisingly or you could ramp up the vibrations so that they are intense.

The pulsation is slow and steady. It starts off slowly, then goes to a peak of intensity and then goes back to slow mode. The pulsations have a changing intensity which escalates and a distinct rhythm. It has a constant vibration.

Lelo Alia vibrator is for everyone but it shines as a discreet toy for solo play. It helps you to lose yourself in the feeling as the buzzing does not distract you. It is a quiet, powerful, high quality design vibrator with great functionality. Make an informed decision by choosing the best vibrator in the market.

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Alia is an elegantly playful intimate massager, where gorgeous simplicity inspires a host of exciting possibilities. Entirely couple-friendly and a beautiful gift idea, its smooth outer shell glides over the skin, as near-silent vibrations draw from the powerful motor housed within. Made with the smoothest body-safe silicone with an ABS core, Alia is completely waterproof and boasts a signature 3-button interface that controls vibration intensity through 6 variable modes.

Lelo Alia

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