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Self Heating Massager By L’Amourose

In their endeavour to continually push the boundaries, L’Amourose have created new and innovative technology that they have included within the Prism VII Rouge. Such technology has taken the sex toy community by storm, and there have been high praise with the innovation. In a way, when you’re making adult toys there are limitations in what kinds of technologies that you can include. A particular shape and or design might be incredibly innovative, however it’s limited to being able to be effectively used by a small number of consumers. This is partly the reason why innovation among adult products is rare and it is slow. All products are geared towards a single purpose; pleasure, but how do you create an adult product that appeals to a broad audience and not just a niche market. We can’t forget, that no matter how sex positive such companies are, no matter how feminist, queer supportive or any other positive labels you want to prescribe to them, they are still here to make money. Ergo, not only does a toy have to be innovative, but the new technology that is applied to it has to appeal and be useful to a broad audience. Enter, L’Amourose’s new Thermal Regulation technology the Rouge.

Lamourose Prism Rogue Vibrator

Sure, some toys have a warming component, but I have never experienced such responsiveness in a toy before this one. In this review let’s explore how the thermal regulation technology works, as well as the luxuriousness of the Prism VII design. The Prism VII rouge is the deluxe of the Prism range, not only does it incorporate the signature prism shape and design, but they have included the thermal regulation technology on this sensual rabbit and g spot massager. So what is the thermal regulation system? The thermal regulation system that has been included on the Rouge products will comfortably heat the toy to about 40-42 degrees Celsius (107F) which is a couple of degrees warmer than normal body temperature which sits at  36-37C (98.6 – 100.4F).


Thermal Regulation Technology In A Vibrator

What does this mean? The higher temperature actually induces an increased blood flow which in turn equals more sensitivity and stronger orgasms. This is a fantastic idea for people that struggle with orgasms, want something a little more realistic in the sense that it feels like a warm partner, or simply enjoy temperature play with their toys.

The Prism VII is a seven function vibrator that has a heating component. Not a fan of the heating element, or not feeling it that day? Easy, you can very simply turn it off. As with all luxury toys there are certain benefits that come with the Prism VII in the beautiful rouge colour.

Firstly, the toy is rechargeable and it does this via a magnetic charger which will connect to a cord that is applied to the base of the toy. The use of magnetic/inductive charging means that the toy is completely and utterly waterproof. Not only does this mean that cleaning up is a breeze, but it means that you can enjoy this in the shower, bath or anywhere that fancies you. It includes in the delightfully luxurious packaging box, an 18 month warranty card, a storage bag, the charger.

There are 12 different speed intensities on the prism rouge as well as 7 different patterns, hence the name Prism 7. These patterns are divided between the dual motors on the Prism where one is located in the g-spot tip, and the other one is located just underneath the clitoral arm. Unusually, they didn’t include the bullet/motor on the actual arm which would have dramatically increased this toys power, but considering the size and petite nature of the arm it’s easy to see why they couldn’t add it there and sacrifice the flexibility.

The buttons, in a departure from the awkwardness that was the black diamond range, are conveniently located on the bottom of the shaft and includes three different buttons to alter the speed up and down and select your preferred pattern. The prism features a beautifully ergonomically designed shaft which is perfectly situated to provide stimulation to the g-spot – and that is where this toy comes in to itself. It is a brilliantly designed g-spot massager that just so happens to have a clitoral arm. Many reviewers have found the clitoral arm useless, however despite not hitting the clitoris in the right way, the sensations that the arm provided was a nice added bonus to the shaft stimulation. Plus, who can say no to a couple of extra settings on a vibrator!? The shaft of the Prism has an insertable length of a little under 4 inches so you won’t need to manoeuvre the toy too much in order to get it in the right sport. There’s nothing worse than a g-spot massager with too much length and you have to maintain an awkward position to ensure that it’s on the right spot. The bulbous head with roundedness will do wonders in locating the right spot with ease, and the rumbly vibrations are bound to bring anyone to blissful pleasure. If you’re one that likes precision in your vibrators though, you might find that the rounded head might be a bit too much for you.


Is A Heating Vibrator Worth The Fuss?

So how effective is the thermal regulation? Well, it does take a few minutes to warm completely up, and as it is unlikely that you’re going to turn it on leave it for five minutes and then use it, it can be a little long waiting for the toy to warm up during use. However, the warmth spreads wonderfully and while some people might find themselves to be a little impatient I thoroughly enjoyed the warming up process as it spread slowly across the toy and my vagina. I am a big fan of the Prism Rouge VII and hopefully, you will be too.

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The L’Amourose Prism VII Rouge is the epitome of luxury and innovation. Combining traditional shapes and the ergonomic design of the Prism VII. L’Amourose have included in the Rouge a Thermal Regulation system which maintains the toy at a comfortable temperature just above normal body temperature. Experience warm, sensual feelings with the Prism VII Rouge today..