Lelo For Men: The Oden 2

This couples’ ring allows both partners to feel the stimulation during a lovemaking session. Oden 2’s flexible silicone material (LELO’s patented 100 percent body safe silicone) that makes up its closed ring attachment sends vibrations directly into his cock. And since Oden 2 is rechargeable, there is no last minute fumbling for batteries before the action starts. Just ensure that it’s charged after each use and the Lelo Oden 2 will be ready to go any time you are.

Lelo Oden 2

The Unique Cock Ring Of Lelo

The Lelo Oden features the newest technology that Lelo has to offer and it demonstrates Lelo’s commitment to the creation of quality male sex toys. With its superior performance the Oden has a remote control range of up to 12 metres, meaning that it can be used within any kind of room and allows for a little sensual distance from your partner. Imagine getting your partner to wear the Oden around his penis and then going shopping, whereby you can tantalise and tease him for prolonged passion and foreplay.

When you first look at the Lelo Oden two you might not actually realise its function. Eschewing traditional designs of cock rings it’s very clear when you first look at the Oden that this is not your standard cock ring with a bullet inside. Its innovative design means that it immediately sets itself apart from the rest of the cock rings on the market allowing it to attain a uniqueness it its design. The Oden two will come with three separate pieces. The first being the primary motor which is the rechargeable part of the toy. Then there are two different tails which can be attached to the end piece of the motor. These tails mean that the Oden can fit men with average sized penis’s as well as men that are naturally larger or have used penis pumps to get a larger penis.

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The latest addition to the sex toy market is the Oden 2, the personal vibrator that men can wear during sex! The Oden 2 utilizes the new Sensemotion remote control. With a simple movement of the hand you can choose to increase or decrease the power on the vibration. The Oden 2 is completely waterproof and can be used to make intimate encounters in the bath tub, pool or hot tub even that much more intimate.

Lelo Oden 2 Vibrator

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