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Lelo Smart Wands Large

Large Smart Wand Personal Massagers By Lelo

LELO is an established Company, best known for its luxurious intimate toys and accessories. Smart Wand is a product specially designed for massage. Like all the products that come from LELO, Smart Wand also is a high end designed tool with lots of features.  It comes in premium quality materials that are easy to maintain. Operating without batteries, it is fully rechargeable and cordless, which makes the usage of the product very handy. LELO designers always make sure the products are certified body-safe, following the highest standards of safety and construction.

The smart wand is 100% waterproof, so it is completely safe to use it while taking a shower or enjoying Jacuzzi time.   Operating with high power and producing almost no noise is one of the key features of Smart Wand, because your massaging time is not interrupted with annoying noise a massager can usually produce.  The product comes in two colors: plum and black. Its dimensions are 30 x 5 x 7,6 cm and it weighs only 400 grams, and therefore is light and easy to use.


Lelo Smart Wand Features

LELO Smart Wand has 8 different vibrating modes and a patented ‘SenseTouch’, a special feature mode that makes the vibrating more intense as it’s pressed against the body, leaving you with a feeling of a real done-with-hands massage.  If your weekly schedule is crowded and you cannot make the time for visiting spa and getting the relaxation you crave for, maybe it is wise to consider investing in a massage tool that you can have with you all the time, no matter where you are or how busy your day is – this is the toy that has been featured in many erotic stories online and is the epitome of class, power and style.

Lelo Smart Body Wands

LELO Smart Wand is a perfect pleasure object that relieves you from stress and eases your anxiety momentarily. The best thing is it runs on batteries so you do not have to think about having a place to plug it in. Always hit the right spot and have the feeling as you were at the real masseuse/ masseur. With over 2 hours of runtime, loosen yourself from the tension, muscle cramps you may be feeling and the back pain that has been bothering you quite some time.  It is suitable for all body parts, not just your aching neck and shoulders, and with the products 30 cm total length all body parts are easily reachable.

Discover all the benefits of LELO Smart Wand by using it with your partner. Try the mutual massage and enjoy the intimate bedroom play games even more intensely with this powerful yet sensible toy. Bring passion to your relationship again which may be a little vanished and spice up your life.

LELO Smart Wand comes in luxurious package including the sleek black silk made bag where the product is supposed to be kept. Indulge yourself and your partner with this one of its kind massager and take all the stress away.

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More powerful than any other rechargeable massager on the market, the large-sized Smart Wand is perfect for deeply satisfying all-over body massage, bringing soothing spa-level relaxation straight into the home. Fully waterproof with innovative SenseTouch™ technology, LELO Smart Wands™ feature touch sensors that allow vibration strength to build as soon as the wand tip comes into contact with the body – creating the most professional massage technique that works intuitively with your body and your needs. With a full 1-Year Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee alongside all the qualities LELO is renowned for, you won’t find a massager smarter than this

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