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Nalone Touch Vibrator –   If you have ever wanted a vibrator that says ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ better than anything else, then the Nalone touch vibrator is just the product for you. With one of these pure silicone bodied darlings, nothing can come between you and your multiple orgasmic experiences that will simply but surely blow your mind.  Presented in a beautifully designed and neatly labelled satin box, it has a Nalone sticker that shows it’s a genuine product from the Nalone adult lifestyle product range with a list of all the unique features of this luxury pleasure object.

Customize the vibration patterns using the touch responsive panel for tailored G-spot stimulation. Simply press and hold the ‘T’ button during any setting to switch your vibe from standard controls to the touch setting. The touch setting allows you to customise your vibrations according to your touch. There is a metallic ring around the control panel, when you place the device into touch mode touching the metallic ring will allow you to create your own custom vibrations and settings. A unique feature on a toy that is clearly all about you and your pleasure.

It comes with a one year warranty meaning that if you encounter any problem in its operation within one year of use, you can return it for replacement or repair if the technicality can be fixed.  It is packed alongside a USB cable which you can use to charge and recharge its internal lithium battery. The Nalone Touch has a long lasting battery life of not less than 5 hours and is designed not to stop or go off in the middle of your sexual workout.  The Touch also comes with a drawstring storage box for safe keeping when not in active use.

Not only can you customize the characteristic curve to direct the round bulbous tip towards your g spot and clitoris for maximum arousal but also you can change and modify the vibration patterns to suit your specific preferences. The T button on the gadget provides for this ensuring pleasure just tailor made for you. The design is sensually smooth with high thought put in ergonomic considerations from the handle all through its whooping twenty and a half centimeters of length to the tip. The intensity of the vibration can also be increased or decreased depending on the kind of stimulation needed at a particular time. This is done by the operation of a touch responsive control that alters the power of vibrations to suit your pleasure requirements. This provision gives it a superior edge over other mainstream vibrators thus making it one of the most sought after sensuality luxury sex toys worldwide.

Nalone Touch Vibrator

Noise due to vibration is well taken care of and with not more than 50 decibels of sound it’s as quiet as a whisper and it lets your mind concentrate on nothing but pure pleasure. Its huge size also cannot be exaggerated as it is really something you want to feel optimal satisfaction. It has an insertable length of more than 5 inches and an impressive circumference of about 4.5 inches to ensure that all sections of the vagina are well taken care of. In addition to this it is also perfectly waterproof and the interior is kept dry no matter how watery its working conditions get.

We believe that the Nalone Touch Vibrator is the ultimate satisfaction sex toy anyone wild would want not to miss out on for extremely intense and customized sexual satisfaction. Although there may be conflicting viewpoints about the necessity of the 7 mode stimulation touch responsive control that is actually optional, hey, wouldn’t you rather just spend your energies modifying the curve and directing the tip to apply maximum pleasure on your clitoris and g spot than worrying about viewpoints? Get one and enjoy unmatched satisfaction.

Nalone Touch G-Spot Vibrator

Direct the curved, bulbous head towards your G-spot for an incredible internal massage or tease your clitoris with the tip to take full advantage of its versatile shape. Control the vibration patterns by tapping or holding the metallic control panel. Press the ‘+’ button to revert to the pre-set patterns. Always use with a generous helping of water-based lubricant for maximum pleasure.


Why Choose The Nalone Touch

  • Smooth silicone
  • Rounded bulbous tip
  • Curved for G-spot stimulation
  • 7 stimulation modes
  • Optional touch responsive control
  • Easy-press LED buttons
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Whisper-quiet – less than 50 decibles
  • Rechargeable vibrator
  • 100% waterproof
  • Presented in a beautiful satin lined box
  • Includes USB cable and drawstring storage bag
  • 1 year Nalone warranty
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Insertable Length: 5 inches
  • Circumference: 4.5 inches

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A pure silicone outer body and stylish ergonomic design makes this the most beautiful and attractive of products.  Even more impressive, the touch sensitive control gives you the ability to command the intensity of vibrations.  Customise the vibration patterns using the touch responsive panel for tailored G-spot stimulation. Simply press and hold the ‘T’ button during any setting to switch your vibe from standard controls to the touch setting…