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Lelo Siri 2

Lelo Siri 2 Intuitive Pleasure

The Lelo Siri 2 is an update from its predecessor as well as having a new and unique function which is quite interesting. We’ll explore that through the article, but since it’s not a definitive feature we’ll focus on the design of the Siri 2 first.

The Siri 2 promises double the power of Siri 1 as well as a total of 8 vibration modes. Like other Lelo products it has a sleek and elegant design and is deceptively simple to control and use. They’ve made the updated model to be waterproof as well, and it is now even conveniently USB rechargeable!

It is a petite and lightweight design that’s meant to be hand held during use. It has an ergonomic design which means that you don’t necessarily have to pinch it together between your fingers to hold onto it, but that it can also rest in the palm of your hand. Despite its size it has a deceptively strong level of power, but again not as powerful as other bullet/egg style vibrators out there. Lelo prides itself on its ability to provide sensual and elegant products as opposed to products that ramp up the level of sex in the bedroom.

The aim of Siri 2 is to provide clitoral stimulation. It’s a little larger than something like the Mia, but this sensual massager is not designed to be used internally, but more as a replacement to a handheld body massager that will more than happily sit in the palm of your hand. It has also been ergonomically designed to be easily held against the vulva for stimulation. It’s perfect for sensual play and it would be the perfect accompaniment to a night in with your partner and enjoying a nice dinner together and watching an erotic movie for couples.

Lelo Siri 2

How To Improve Women’s Vibrators

They have taken the flaws of its predecessor and changed it. So what are the changes? The silicone aspect of the body has been lowered to ensure that there’s more silicone on the actual body of the toy and that this means that there’s a larger surface area that has been exclusively dedicated to the art of pleasure.

Further, the body of the Siri 2 is a little slimmer than the original Siri, and it’s a little more streamlined in appearance. They may not seem like much, and it’s certainly not a complete design overhaul but these small changes make all the difference in how the device responds to your hands and its ease of use. It’s comforting to know that Lelo are more than happy to recognise that their original toy has had some flaws and that they have sought to redesign these flaws to make it better. That clearly demonstrates the vision and philosophy of the bran Lelo and its dedication to the simplicity and art of pleasure.

They have increased the battery strength as well, and whilst it doesn’t perform as well as some of Lelo’s other toys, there’s certainly an improvement over the Siri 1. The Siri 2 offers two hours of continuous play for 2 hours of charge time. It’s also completely submersible and will operate in the bath, shower and even the spa!

Lelo has endeavoured to make the Siri 2 double the strength of its predecessor and whilst the Siri 2 can’t compete to some of the plug in body wands, the Siri is immensely powerful in its own right.

The unique feature of the Siri 2 is that it has a setting in which it reacts to ambient sound. It’s not the best musical vibrator on the market, and indeed anyone that is looking for an effective vibe to react to ambient sound would probably be best suited looking at different ones, but it is a fun feature that Lelo have included on the Siri to make it different and to have it stand out.

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Lelo G-Spot Vibrator

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You’ve seen the vibrators meant to stimulate your G-spot, you have seen the ones that are specifically designed for penetration. Now from LELO comes the SIRI. SIRI is designed specifically for clitoral stimulation. The SIRI comes with an extremely powerful motor that was built to emit vibrations in a concentrated area. The SIRI is versatile as well in that its six stimulation modes and curvature make specific targeting of an area you feel needs attention a simple matter of placing its contoured tapered end to that specific area. Its small size also makes it easy to hold it in the palm of your hand and apply to any area on your body. You will like that Siri is a discrete toy. Its size makes it easy to tuck it away into the back of the drawer away from prying eyes. Siri comes in three colors: pink, purple and red.