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Lelo Mona Wave G-Spot Vibrator | WaveMotion Lelo Mona

Lelo Mona Wave: Stimulates The Old School Way.  Lelo Mona Wave signifies a totally new way to come up with your sexual climaxes. The Lelo Mona Wave is among two toys that Lelo recently released which include a new kind of engineering known as WaveMotion. As Lelo explains it, the Lelo Mona Wave possess a powerful pivot inside them allowing then to curve top to bottom in the same manner that a person could wave their fingers within a person – very similar in function to making a come hither motion with your fingers. It is designed to slowly bring you to climax through subtle g-spot manipulation. This ebbing and movement makes for greater G-spot pleasure and are designed to create strong orgasms. A number of diverse vibration patterns go with this motion, together with adjustable rates of speed to match additional customization.

The Mona Wave is actually a high end sex toy and thus, it includes all of the features you might anticipate from a top quality product and in regards to a classic Lelo product. It’s waterproof, rechargeable and created from a superior quality, body safe silicone with a sleek finish that doesn’t grip dust like other silicone products. The engine consists of 10 diverse routine configurations and 10 distinctive rates of speed. These are:

  1. Steady Waving, Steady Vibration
  2. Slower Waving, Low to High to Low Roller-coaster Vibration
  3. Steady Waving, Low to High to Low Roller-coaster Vibration
  4. Steady Waving, Pulsing Vibration
  5. Steady Waving, Low to High Pulsations
  6. Just Waving
  7. Just Vibration
  8. Low to High to Low Roller-coaster Vibration
  9. Pulsing Vibration
  10. Low to High Pulsations

The motorized shaft has two distinct speeds, each of which are quite slow. You can’t control the rate of the shaft by hand, and it is done automatically as part of the 10 distinct functions. Actually, the movement relies upon which setting you’re on during the time – you cannot adjust the speed of the movement and there are two pre-set speeds for g-spot movement. The Mona Wave has 10 configuration settings. Five of which are motion plus vibration which includes of the common steady, pulsation and escalation, one setting is just for mere motion, and the other four are for vibrations.

Lelo Mona Wave Vibrator

Mona Wave really stands out for its 100% silicone design which is also rechargeable and watertight. Which means you never need to bother about getting it wet and that means you could possibly get as messy as you desire by using it. Or you could just enjoy using it in the bath or shower. The presentation for the Mona Wave is attractive. A white-colored outer box with a bit of artsy visuals along with the slogan “The orgasm to end all orgasms” into it houses a modern and fascinating black box. It’s perfectly durable, so could be great for safe-keeping in case you needed. Inside, the Mona Wave is set within a velvet covered foam insert.


Mona Wave G-Spot Massager

Wave absolutely is definitely the ideal term for the motion. It really is delicate and soothing. Such as the smooth change of the ocean up against the shoreline. The water-resistant design of Lelo’s Mona Wave is great for a bit wet and wild pleasure – regardless of whether you want a thing to help you get up on your early morning bath or even for relaxing in the hot tub for hours. Additionally, it helps make cleaning less difficult because you don’t need to bother about getting the batteries or electric motor wet and ruining this wonderful toy.

Functionally, adding an instant on/off switch in the middle of the control pad is fantastic. It enables the Mona Wave to reflect upon the setting you had been making use of, and commence at that point once you switch it back on. If you wish to go it old style and make use of your fingers for clitoral pleasure but would continue to like some g-spot motion, then the thing you need is the Lelo Mona Wave.

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Lelo Mona G-spot Vibrator

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New Mona Wave for the orgasm to end all orgasms. Surrender to wave upon wave of intense sensations, with the world’s first G-Spot stimulator that truly massages you internally. With its voluptuous form and beckoning ‘come-hither’ finger-like motion, MONA Wave not only takes you to the limits of pleasure, but pushes you over the edge to a whole new world. All of this in a sleek, 100% silicone design that is both rechargeable and waterproof, with 10 vibration settings that will leave you gasping for more.