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L’Amourose Prism VII

Sexperts Review The Seven Function Prism VII

There are some people out there that might not be familiar with the wonder that is L’Amourose. Reviewers and bloggers are more than familiar with their elegant and luxurious designs, and if you’re not familiar with them by now – then you definitely should be. This is a review on their prism Rabbit Style vibrator with sensual S Curve.

Prism VII Rabbit Vibrator

The Prism VII is a dual stimulating vibrator that has been structured to create stimulation to both the g spot and the clitoris at the same time for amazing blended orgasms. L’Amourose have pushed the boundaries on their design and worked towards the creation of something new, and different. The VII offers its users dual motors, 7 different vibration patterns as well as everything that would normally be included in a luxury vibrator including waterproofness, 100% medical grade silicone and a rechargeable motor.

It’s an aesthetically pleasing vibrator that utilises L’Amouroses diamond pattern design and embellishment which sees the handle with an easy grip diamond pattern hold. The Prism VII comes in three delightful colours which include an Azure Blue, Sunset Red and Blush Pink.

The design is straight forward. The shaft provides a gentle curve upwards and is designed to directly hit the g-spot for intense pleasure. Owing to the fact that the toy is ABS plastic covered in a velvet silicone, means that the toy will not bend and aside from the clitoral arm has no flexibility in it whatsoever. The tip is fairly broad meaning that there’s ample room and coverage for g-spot stimulation, but it’s not so great for people that love precision. I honestly don’t think that this toy needs precision with the power that it wields, but there are some people that like it.


The Prism VII Shortcomings . . .

Where reviewers are often confused with the Prism VII is in the clitoral arm. It’s quite short to say the least and it’s left a lot of people wondering what the design is. The clitoral arm has been hit and miss with a lot of reviews, and the reason is simple; the length of the clitoral arm only reaches a grand total of one inch. Now there’s not a lot of people that have their clitoris so close to their vagina, and some people might feel that the clitoral arm just isn’t long enough. It’s really in your court, and you have to gauge whether it’s something that’s going to be suitable for you and your shape. For me, personally, it didn’t quite reach but that didn’t detract me from giving this a solid positive rating. It depends on what you’re looking for in a vibrator and specifically what you’re after.

The vibrations on this are misleading. You’d think for a petite style toy that the vibrations would be weak and buzzy. They’re not. It’s not stronger than a vibrating wand, but the vibrations are certainly up there and it’s certainly a lot stronger than other rechargeable vibrators of a similar size. I do wish the clitoral arm was stronger though, the vibrator does have two motors in it but the clitoral arm vibrator is simply weak. I much preferred having the shaft vibrator on, ramped high and enjoying the vibrations from that.

In terms of noise, it’s not a loud product, but it’s not overly quiet either. It’s certainly not something that’s going to bring the house down, and it’s not something that is going to be heard through the walls either. What might bring the walls down however, is the L’Amouroses 18 month warrant that will protect you from any manufacturing defects. If it breaks down during that time, then you’re going to be getting 50% off your next purchase from them. That’s a pretty good deal and it’s an extension on the warranty that’s offered by Lelo.

Prism VII Clitoral Vibrator

The Prism is made of a 100% medical grade silicone and it’s also completely waterproof. A one hour charge is going to give you approximately 2 hours’ worth of fun time, though it should be noted that that fun time is on medium speed setting and not the highest setting. So we’re not too sure about the length of time that you’re going to get on full speed, but it should be equal to, if not greater than the length of charge that you apply to it.

If you’re looking for a solid, high quality rabbit style vibrator – then this might not be the ideal choice. If, however, you’re looking for a G-Spot vibrator that just happens to have a clitoral arm then you’re probably going to enjoy this toy immensely. It’s powerful, its sensual, it has all the right curves in all the right spaces for hitting exactly where you want and need it to hit. The vibrations are strong, rumbly and to the point and despite the shortcomings on the clitoral arm – this is still a firm favourite.

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Why Sexperts Recommend The Prism VII By L’Amourose

The L’Amourose Prism VII is a seven function vibrator with dual motors. A clitoral stimulator, and a stimulator on the shaft this possesses the sensual and graceful curves needed to form an orgasmic G-spot experience. With the added clitoral arm which provides clitoral and vulva stimulation you’re sure to descend into peaceful bliss quickly….