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L’Amourose Vera Personal Massager

Vera Personal Massager Review

Before the Vera was sent to me for review, I’d already reviewed a couple of L’Amourose line up including the Rosa. After such an amazing and thrilling experience with the Rosa I was excited and intrigued by how other products would perform, so when I was told that I was receiving the Vera for review I squealed on the inside. If you were to put the Vera and the Rosa side by side, you’d immediately notice that the Vera looks like the base of the Rosa, without the internal G-Spot arm.

The Vera is a small, hand held external body massager that has been designed to fit neatly into the palm of your hand. The underside incorporates the signature diamond pattern look which has been applied to all of the L’Amourose range and the top half has been coated in soft, velvet like silicone. The toy is not made from silicone, and as such there’s really no give or flex in the material as the silicone just coats the outside of the toy. The L’Amourose comes with several different features which include 5 different pattern modes, with one continuous vibration mode and four patterned vibrations which include pulses, waves and others. To accentuate this the Vera has 12 different intensity speeds which control the patterns. That being, rather than having a select number of pre-set settings, each of the patterns can be used with one of the twelve different speed settings. Effectively giving you 60 different combinations. Control of the settings are given through three slightly raises buttons situated on the side of the Vera. The three buttons are simple and easy to use with a plus button to increase the speed intensity, a minus button to reduce it and a small squiggle button to cycle through the different patterned vibrations.

Lamourose Vera Body massager

Like all of the other L’Amourose toys the Vera is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower, bath and even spa. It can do this because it is a rechargeable toy that doesn’t utilise a port but rather a conductive charging method which sees metal contacts connecting between the charging base and the toy. On the underside of the Vera you will see two little metallic receptors, and these will connect to points on the charging base providing power. A 1.5 hour charging time will generally provide up to four hours’ worth of standard play, making this one of La’Amouroses more durable massagers for sensual play and intimate moments. During charging a pale blue light will appear over the Vera’s buttons, once charging is complete the light will go out indicating fully charged.


Is L’Amourose Vera Worth The Hype?

I’ve always been a little sceptical of smaller style external massagers. I love the powert aht I have within my palm power wand, and it’s simply amazing in terms of bringing me to climax. Smaller hand held vibrators, I’ve generally found to be quite weak and buzzy. I’m not expecting hand held massagers to ever equal the power of the palm power, however getting up there and close to it would be a blessing. Still, having experienced the Rosa before I was hopeful that the cute Vera would pack a punch.

When the Vera was fully charged I turned on the vibration and selected the continual vibration pattern. On low speed the Vera has a gentle purring, but I knew that this wouldn’t do much for me. I turned it up to the highest setting and it is here that the vibrations felt quite powerful, deep and rumbling. What I love about the Vera is how quiet it is. It’s certainly not going to be something that you can hear outside the bedroom, and if you tend to use blankets or a quilt, then even you’re probably not going to be able to hear a thing through that despite you being right there.

The Vera was a pleasurable vibrator, as well as a frustrating vibrator. The majority of my toys have precision tips, and this is something that the Vera lacks. When trying to get vibrations directly onto the clitoris, the Vera couldn’t deliver and I was left with deep rumbly vibrations in a broader area than what I wanted. Still, despite not being able to bring me to climax faster than some of my other precision vibes, I was still pleasantly surprised to discover that the Vera, even without pin point accuracy could still bring me to climax.

The rumbling vibrations felt good. I had to admit that, and although I didn’t climax using the same techniques that I would use with my other vibrators, I still enjoyed the slow build to climax. The Vera allowed me to provide a little pressure, and the broad area of vibrations travelled nicely over my body. It was a sensual experience, and frustrating in the sense that it was more a slow build up then a whoa, the vibrations are right here lets yee-hah, moment.

The Vera is a beautiful massager, despite not being the perfect one for me it’s still something that I will reach for when I need sensuality, slow climaxes, or simply when my partner wants to be a tease. There are many things that I love about the vibrator, from the deluxe packaging to the quality of the toy, and the fact that it feels nice, solid and beautiful in your hands. Yes, the vibrations are applied a little broad for my liking, but they’re still beautiful and powerful vibrations. Overall a solid, well performing toy.

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Why Sex Toy Experts Recommend Vera

The L’Amourose Vera is a high performing external massager with strong, rumbly vibrations. It’s broad design means that it is perfect for sensual intimacy as the vibrations travel across the skin through your hand-held device. Rechargeable, waterproof, with a French inspired design the Vera is perfect for massages, solo and couples play.