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Lelo Tor 2

Lelo Tor 2 Couples Cock Ring | Eco-Friendly Lelo Tor 2 Cock Ring

The Lelo Tor 2 is an extension in the line of Lelo’s numerous high quality, sex-stimulating products. This time around the Lelo Tor 2 is aimed to bring the ultimate satisfaction to couples looking to experience its pleasurable and exhilarating vibrations at the same time. This is the world’s very first waterproof couple’s ring, which means whether you’re taking a sensual dip into the sea with your lover or you’re back home in bed, you will be able to use the ring for sensual and passionate play. 

Lelo Tor 2 Cock Ring

The Lelo Tor 2 is also a rechargeable sexual toy. It utilizes an eco-friendly lithium-ion battery that guarantees pleasure without causing any harm to the environment. The first Lelo ring designed and marketed was already a massive success, and changed the way couples switch it up after the heat’s been cranked to the max; the performance of the new and improved Lelo Tor 2 is better than ever before, with 100% more powerful vibrations than its predecessor, so much so that you’ll be begging your partner to take it down a notch.

This toy is extremely easy to use and requires zero effort to get started. All that is needed is for the man to slide the ring onto his penis before penetrative sex so that it may create a wild sensation for both partners during lovemaking. The ring is constructed with the smoothest silicone covering that is also completely waterproof and easy to clean. The ring also is suited to several different sizes, so that no matter what size the man wearing the ring is, both partners will be comfortable and ready to take it to the next level.


Why Lelo Tor 2?

One of the really cool features to note with The Lelo Tor 2 is its 6 diverse stimulation modes. Whatever pressure or sensation you’re looking for together can be found in one of these settings. For her enjoyment, these settings range from high to low pressure, as well as pulsing and consistently strong vibrations for the utmost lasting power. As strong as those vibrations are, they are never loud enough to be heard, so that sex can be enjoyed as discreetly as the couple desires.

This is an aesthetically pleasing product with an incredibly sleek design. It looks luxurious as can be, with a silky touch and a radiant finish and it allows for ultimate experimentation between partners. The device is very stretchy, so at first it doesn’t appear like it’s going to fit on those with more girth, but users will quickly find it’s as stretchy as can be, just be gentle with it and don’t over pull the silicone material and keep sharp rings away from it during stretching. All in all, the Lelo Tor 2 is a great option for couples looking to switch it left and right during lovemaking. This product keeps things adventurous while at the same time providing the same pleasures that have been tried and tested to have a heavy impact on everyone involved.

The Lelo Tor 2 comes to you in a discreet yet beautifully wrapped box, so it automatically makes for one of the most pleasing gifts. Not to mention it comes with a 1-year warranty just in case it’s not exactly what you’re looking for. That being said, the reviews for the Lelo Tor 2 have been as explosive as the product is itself. So there’s no reason for anyone to be dissatisfied.

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The Tor 1 was one of the hottest selling sex toys that LELO Company had to offer. The simple couple’s ring design molded from silicone made for a lovely evening for both man and woman. The Tor 2 is meant to be worn by the man when he is having sex. The flexible fit and sturdy silicone keep it in place during the most intensive love making sessions. The draw for women giving this toy to their men is the clitoral stimulator that they feel during sex with their man. That area that nature just did not equip him to find, Tor will find. And since this vibrator is entirely waterproof, sex in the shower, bath or hot tub is not a worry. Tor 2 has six different stimulation modes that will open up new worlds of sensation. The Tor 2 comes in three different colors: green, black and purple.