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Nalone Rhythm

Nalone Rhythm Pleasure Object | Nalone Rhythm Sex Toy

The Nalone Rhythm Vibrator is a modernized female sex toy that ensures you get maximum sexual pleasure. It brings you both internal and external pleasure to ensure that you get to your climax, which in turn sees to it that you get full enjoyment and satisfaction. Being wireless, the vibrator gives you an opportunity to travel with it and use it from anywhere.

With 2 independently controlled motors located in the shaft and clitoral stimulator, this rechargeable vibrator pampers your erogenous zones with powerful vibrations. A curved, bulbous head makes light work of caressing your G-spot, while the outer arm simultaneously massages your clitoris.

The Rhythm vibrator by Nalone is 20cm long and has an inserting length of 11.5cm. It is rechargeable, whereby you have to plug in the USB cable into the rear of the vibrator while plugging in the other end into the USB adapter. It takes three hours to charge, which in turn gives you three full hours of dedicate pleasure.

While preparing to use the vibrator, you can apply your lubricant on the body part being acted on and on the vibrator itself. Switch the on and off button and press it for three seconds to have it on. You can test the modes if you are having it for the first time, then set the buttons you want to use before inserting the vibrator. Each stimulation button press will take your body through the seven vibration modes. When you are through with the vibrator, remove it and press the on and off button for three seconds to switch it off.

Nalone Rhythm Vibrator has a dual motor system that function independently to offer internal and external pleasure. Since the two motors function independently, the vibrator is capable of offering the multiple pleasures simultaneously.  To experience the clitoral stimulation, you will have to press the external button that stimulates external pleasure. On the other hand, you will have a taste of the internal stimulation by pressing the inside button. Pressing the two buttons at the same time gives you the dual pleasure. Both motors ensure that you get the seven vibration modes offered by the vibrator. The vibrations come at a whisper quiet sound level, offering you an environment that grants a natural feeling that will not be heard outside of the room.

Nalone Dual Stimulation Rabbit Vibrator

The vibrator is also sound activated, and you can have it act in accordance to them music in the room by just switching on the music button. The vibrator will offer you two vibration modes for the music. You will immediately have the vibrations running in your desired rhythm, giving you full control over the pleasure that you want to receive.

One other feature that enhance your enjoyment while using the Nalone Rhythm Vibrator is that includes the presence of the Bluetooth feature, which allows you to connect to Bluetooth devices and vibrate from the music that is being played. This means that you have an almost infinite level of control over the vibrations being able to customise them as you see fit.

The Rhythm is waterproof, which ensures its safety and great functionality when you take it in the bath tub with you for a bit of sex in the bath. The silicone covering on the vibrator enhances its friendliness to even the most delicate skin of your body, ensuring that you do not get any side effects. It is durable and even comes with a warranty of one year, which assures you that the product is quality.

The Nalone Rhythm Vibrator features cooperate together within a single unit to ensure that you get your most desired pleasure.

Nalone Rhythm

Not only the most stylish but also the most unique!

The world’s first wireless voice activated female vibrator which responds not only to the Rhythm of music, but also vibrates to your every command.  The smooth silicone body is complemented by dual action motors to stimulate multiple pleasure zones.

Talking dirty to your partner, takes on a whole new meaning with this innovative silicone vibrator. With it you can easily discover your climactic chorus simply by using the voice activated controls and experiment with different tempos and volumes of music and ambient sounds that will allow you to customize your play session. Alternatively, explore the pre-set selection of 7 speeds and patterns to discover which setting or combination works best for you.

For maximum pleasure, add a squeeze of water-based lubricant to yourself and toy before use.


Nalone Rhythm Features

  • Smooth silicone
  • Bulbous rounded tip
  • Ergonomic grip point
  • 7 stimulation modes
  • 2 voice activated modes
  • User-friendly LED controls
  • Whisper-quiet – less than 50 decibels
  • Rechargeable vibrator
  • 100% waterproof
  • Presented in a beautiful satin lined box
  • Includes USB cable and drawstring storage bag
  • Full 1 year Nalone warranty
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Insertable Length: 4.5 inches

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A sound activated sex toy, the Nalone Rhythm stimulates you both internally and externally with vibrations that match your chosen rhythm or command. Switch between 7 vibration modes and sound activated settings for a unique and exciting journey to climax…