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Lelo Adore Me Couples Kit

For those that want a passionate night in – then the Lelo Adore Me Pleasure set is the kit you need. As with all Lelo products, they are a thing of beauty, seduction and elegance and this kit is no different. Kits provide luxury, they provide the perfect opportunity for gift for an anniversary, a special occasion, or simply to demonstrate to your partner just how special they are. And if you’re looking to provide an opportunity for your partner to feel how special they are, then this is the kit that you’re looking for.

Inspired by the passion of the colour red this kit has a Powerful Mia 2 in a unique red colour, as well as Red Sutra Chain Link Cuffs and completed with the Red Intima Silk Blindfold.

This is a set that offers enhanced sensual play by using restraints and Lelo’s signature discreet bullet massager. With this set you can seductively tie your lover to the bed, chair, or anywhere where your heart tells you to. Blindfold them to increase the pleasure, and use the USB rechargeable bullet to provide intense, unadulterated passion.

Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Kits

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The Cara Sutra Chain cuffs are one of the most luxurious cuff sets on the market, signature red to inspire flame, heat and passion, they will offer you and your partner delightful passion. The Adore me pleasure set comes in Lelo signature packaging. An imaged cardboard first layer which has luscious red lips painted on it with calligraphy writing of Adore Me and the Lelo name. Once you open up the box you will be treated to three separate compartments which contain the contents of this luxurious set.

The Mia Rechargeable USB vibrator is perfect for a teasing and tantalising session. Designed to look like a USB, this discreet rechargeable bullet vibrator has a range of features for even the most ardent of sex lovers. Easy to control with its two button control panel, you can switch up the pleasure and intensify the speed,or you can slow it right down to a tantalising pulse and throb. The material of the Mia 2, with an ABS plastic outside means that it will glide effortlessly over you or your partner’s skin for playful times. Waterproof as well, it can even be used in the shower for the cooling off session as well.

To go with the Mia 2, Lelo have included the Intima blindfold and the Sutra Cuffs. The blindfold is the perfect accessory to go with this set because it means that you and your partner can focus on the pleasure at your fingertips. Slipping on the blindfold and ensuring that they can’t see will force the body to rely on its sense of touch. When you are increasing the body’s sense of touch that is the perfect time to be using the Mia 2. Apply the vibrations randomly on your partner’s body, and they’re never going to know where the waves of pleasure are going to originate from next.

So where do the cuffs come in then? The silk cuffs which are luxury in of themselves can be used to tie your partner down while wearing the blindfold. It makes sure that they can’t escape the pleasure you want to inflict upon them and it means that all control has been surrendered to the one that is not cuffed. Use all three in tandem to intensify each other’s mood, to sensually touch, stroke and kiss and begin to explore each other’s bodies all through the night.

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For all night passion inspired by the colour red – you need to consider the Adore me Pleasure set by Lelo. Complete with the Lelo Intima Blindfold, the Sutra Cuffs, and a unique Mia 2 all in a delightful and striking red. This is one naughty luxury gift set that’s going to have you on the edge of the bed all night long.