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Lelo Only You Gift Set

Womens Luxury Pleasure Pack

Lelo is the brand that us synonymous with luxury and pleasure. Unlike other Lelo sets and couples packages the Only You set is just a little bit different. It’s the women’s pleasure package unlike others, and it’s something that you don’t necessarily need to share with anyone but yourself. This gift pack is perfect for Valentine’s Day, a special occasion, whether you want to treat yourself, or demonstrate to your partner that they’re the love of your life – this only you pack is the epitome of class, luxury and pleasure. Inside this beautiful and well-presented box you’re going to find the perfect rabbit in the Lelo Soraya, a dozen red roses made of delicious bath soap, and Lelo’s premium water-based lubricant for sensual joy and pleasure.

The star of this box which is purely yours, is Lelo’s Silicone vibrating rabbit – the Soraya. This is the luxury of rabbits and perfect for blended pleasure. What makes this rabbit different though? Firstly, the Lelo rabbit combines two motors of pleasure one of which is located in the tip of the shaft, and the second which is located on the clitoral arm. This can create waves of intense blended pleasure as the shaft and clitoral arm work in tandem to bring you to climax. Unlike other rabbits, the internal g spot shaft is curved gently upwards, meaning that its ergonomic design is simply brilliant for stimulating the g spot. It’s also quite slimline as well, with a velvet silicone on the top and bottom of the shaft, and an ABS plastic on the sides. That’s not what makes this rabbit so unique though – that title belongs to the clitoral arm.

Most women will find that a rabbit’s clitoral arm doesn’t quite fit, a woman’s shape is completely unique and not all rabbits can hit every single woman. Manual manipulation of the rabbit is therefore required meaning that you not only have to have one arm managing the toy, but another arm managing the clitoral arm and it can quickly become cumbersome and awkward. The solution? Soraya’s ergonomically designed arm. It tilts slightly upwards at a 45 degree angle in its starting position, but once you insert the rabbit and place the ear against your clitoris you’ll find that it easily adjusts to your exact shape and position without having to manually manipulate it. Truly, a pleasure to see a company finally recognise that everyone has different shapes and bodies and to make a toy that can adjust itself for your perfect fit.


Best Personal Moisturiser By Lelo

This gift set that has been designed for your pleasure wouldn’t be complete without Lelo’s bestselling lubricant – the personal Moisturiser. It’s one of those must haves which will be found in a lot of peoples bed-side tables. What people love about this product is that it doesn’t look like a bottle of lubricant – you could have this on the bedside when the parents come over and they probably wouldn’t even look twice at it – not only does not emblazon the cover with the words lubricant, but its stylish black bottle just makes it look like a regular facial moisturiser. It’s completely water based, and therefore perfectly safe to sue with any Lelo product which for the most part all have silicone on them, and water based lubricant if it gets on the sheets or anything isn’t going to stain or leave any greasy residue. It’s perfect for both sex toys, sex and masturbation.

Lelo Rose Scented Candles For Sensual Bath Romance

The final aspect of the Only you gift set is the bath roses. Now these are absolutely beautiful bath accessories that when I first saw I thought were actual rose petals. This is something that you’re not going to get anywhere else like this – beautifully sculpted rose petals made out of a delicious scented soap that smells just like roses. You’ll notice it the minute that you open up the package and the floral Rose scent is going to gently waft through the air. They come in a beautiful realistic red, and once placed in the bath the petals will gently fall apart and float gently in the bath and slowly melt, leaving the water to smell fragrantly like roses for a delicious and sensual experience. Oh, we might have forgotten to mention this, but it should be remembered that the Soraya is also conveniently waterproof. Now does that give you any ideas as to how you’re spending your next Sunday afternoon?

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Lelo Only You Luxury Gift Set

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Designed for Women’s pleasure the Only You Luxury gift box is the highlight of luxury. Combining Lelo’s award winning Soraya Rabbit with melting bath roses and a tube of Lelo’s personal moisturiser – this is the gift pack for truly exceptional personal pleasure. And it’s for Only You. . .