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Lelo Ina With WaveMotion Technology

Lelo Ina Wave is a rabbit style vibrator designed with pleasure in mind. It is equipped with two motors; one that will work in the vagina and focusing on the G-spot as well as another one which will focus externally on the clitoris. The vibrator’s curved design is an ideal fit for most ladies, with its ergonomic design taking the pressure out of body contortion to get to that ideal spot. The rabbit ear is a small finger sized ‘ear’ and it is flexible in a way that it can bend to perfectly stimulate the clitoris regardless of the position of the body. Below is a product description and review of the Lelo Ina Wave vibrator.

The Lelo Ina Wave is equipped with a rechargeable battery capable of giving the user 2 hours of use after being charged for 2 hours. This is a definite advantage as you do not have to connect a several feet long cord to a power socket like vibrating wand. Nor do you have to fumble around for batteries during the heat of the moment because your favourite toy has surreptitiously died. This means that the device can be used in a bathtub. In addition, not many women enjoy having to purchase batteries for their vibrators anymore. Nowadays, rechargeable batteries are the in-thing.

When it comes to noise, the Lelo Ina Wave vibrator is much quieter when compared to other similar devices. Near silent operation is convenient if the user has roommates and children and does not want them to hear you, or your partner, using the Lelo Ina Wave. The Wave may be somewhat louder than other Lelo due to some new components, but still comparatively quieter than other vibrators and pleasure objects on the market. All in all, a user can still switch-off the G-spot wave stimulator and operate the vibrator stealthily if one wants it to be super-quiet. The Ina Wave incorporates a motor into the longer arm that works in a manner similar to the fingering action used by a partner to stimulate the G-spot successfully. Lelo describes the wave motion as a come hither action that the arm uses to gently stroke, and tease the g-spot into climax. If you’re unsure what we mean by this, check out the video above to see the Lelo Ina Wave in action.

Lelo Ina G-Spot Vibrator

A notable thing about the Lelo Ina Wave vibrator is that it is waterproof. When using vibrators, many women are most comfortable when in a bathtub. Since the product is completely waterproof, users can use them when taking a bath. Using it provides the ideal combination of water, a relaxed atmosphere and orgasms.


Waterproof G Spot Massager

In addition to being waterproof, the product is also easy to clean and can be used hands free. The silicone used on the Ina Wave not only makes it super smooth and sleek but its nature is such that it can actually repel dirt and dust. It’s not a grabby silicone like other toys. The user will probably want to use the vibrator with a water-based lube, as a silicone lube cannot be used. This means that rinsing if off is a plus when compared to a non-waterproof device. Lelo Ina Wave’s unique curved shape means that when it is inserted into a vagina, it stays in place. The user can then let go of it and enjoy the strong pulsations.

This vibrator is equipped with a rather incredible design. It measures 19.75cm X 6.25cm X 3.25cm and weighs 130g. A smart design is an indication that not only is the vibrator a work of art; it is also easily operated. It has four simple and perfectly placed buttons so that the user does not have to fumble when adjusting the program or speed. The product has “+” and “-“buttons for turning on/off and adjusting the speed. It is also equipped with up and down buttons for changing between ten different functions.

There are about 12 different speed and intensity settings on the Lelo Ina Wave, but it should be noted that the waving motion cannot be adjusted. There are two speeds for the wave motion and they are incorporated within the 10 different function patterns. The come hither motion can have two different speeds. A slow movement, and a faster movement. These are by no means incredibly fast, and they can be described as methodical and rhythmic. Some people might find this to be frustrating, so be sure to check out the video and notice the speed. If you like the methodical movement, then you’ll find that it can probably bring you slowly to an incredibly strong and powerful orgasm.

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The new Ina Wave for an overwhelming Blended Orgasm. Lose yourself in waves of uncontrollable pleasure. In a world-first design, INA Wave is inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers, as it surges with a natural ‘come-hither’ motion to massage your G-Spot. While its generous body rises and falls, the powerful clitoral stimulator creates a blended climax that crashes over you. Housed in a 100% silicone design that is fully rechargeable and waterproof, the 10 unique vibration and wave settings deliver whole new levels of orgasm intensity.