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Luna Smart Bead

Intelligent Kegel Exerciser By Lelo

The Lelo smart bead vibrator is another great device from the Lelo luxury toy manufacturers. It is referred to as your own personal pleasure trainer or a Kegel trainer. The objective of this device is to guide you through Kegel exercises to help you achieve greater, longer and stronger climaxes. Further it can help tighten and tone the pelvic floor muscles for increased bladder control and blood flow. It is not like any other Kegel exerciser since it contains advanced technology that is sure to give the best results if used in the correct way.

It seems that there’s a lot of products that are taking the smart route tech route and Lelo has jumped on the technological bandwagon with this Kegel egg as well. This bead vibrator comes in a simple white packaging and beautifully designed box that is just as classy as that of other Lelo products that contains the bead, its storage pouch, a one year warranty card, and a user manual. The bead weighs about 50grams and is 3cm wide and 8cm long. It is made from ABS plastic and silicone material with a matte finish that is hypoallergenic thus safe for anyone to use; it is also completely water proof.


Smart Technology – In Your Sex Toys

The Lelo smart bead vibrator has sensors that are used to track the intensity of pelvic squeeze. It measures your orgasm and takes you through five vibration levels with one being more rugged than the last so as to give you more control and progression. It also provides for pleasure if you would opt to use it as such by utilising a continuous vibration mode that you can use as you please for an internal vibrating egg, or as a clitoral stimulator. It has high tech memory that remembers your last performance even after changing the batteries; the bead guarantees you up to 200 exercises on a single AAA battery which saves on the cost of continuously changing the battery. It is very easy to clean using just soap and water or your preferred toy cleaner.

Lelo Kegel Exercisers

The bead is very easy to use since one only needs to squeeze against the sensors when there are some vibrations from the bead. When the vibrations stop then you should also stop the squeezing which will be recorded for the next session. One gets to know how much progress they have made by the number of times the light blinks when the bead is turned on; one blink for level one, two blinks for level two in that order. The whole exercise session lasts for about five minutes only but the intensity varies with the level that you have reached. It is advisable that one uses water based lubrication compared to silicon based ones so as not to affect the silicon body of the bead. If you would want to use the bead for pleasure purposes, all you need to do in continuously press on the sensors so as to switch it to continuous vibration mode. The Lelo smart bead is not different from the other Lelo vibrating products since its vibration is almost completely quiet for discreetness.


How To Use The Luna Smart Bead

The very first time that you take your Luna Smart bead out and use it, it will be set onto level three. You insert the battery, turn the device on and you will have 30 seconds to insert it, and relax. Before the exercise begins it will give you three short pulses. Go through the exercises as mentioned above, and the device will automatically adjust the intensity level and monitor your progress – keeping track of how your last session went so as it can intuitively design your next exercise. If you can squeeze firmly and successfully complete a routine, the next time that you use the smart bead you will find that you have gone up in a level, if you couldn’t quite manage the strength and intensity of the level that day you will find that the enxt time that you go to use the device, it will go back a level. Once you have completed your exercises you can continue with pleasure by using the Luna Smart bead in continuous mode. It only has one speed setting, so keep this in mind.

If you’re looking for a new vibrator and clitoral stimulator – this is not it. Its vibrations as a pleasure object can be weak and shallow especially if you’re more accustomed to intense vibrations. You should consider this vibrator if you’re wanting to increase your PVC muscles in a fun, intuitive way that actually contributes to a work out, as opposed to just inserting some metal balls and hoping for the best.

It is clear that the Lelo smart bead vibrator is the ultimate device for Kegel exercises. It comes with a ten year guarantee so you are assured great quality when purchasing this device. So order it today directly from the Lelo website and have it discreetly delivered to your door step and start a new exciting journey to better climaxes.

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Your Personal Pleasure Trainer! With touch-sensors that respond to your every squeeze, the Luna Smart Bead measures your orgasm-potential and sets a routine that’s right for you. Meet the LUNA Smart Bead™, your very own personal pleasure trainer! With touch-sensors that respond to your every squeeze, the LUNA Smart Bead™ measures your orgasm-potential and sets a routine that’s right for you. Progress through its 5 vibration-guided levels and you’ll be enjoying longer and stronger orgasms in no time.