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The Lelo Lyla 2 is for Delicious, Discreet Pleasure – If you would you like to give your partner or yourself more pleasure, excitement and romance, then the Lelo LYLA 2 does just that. The massager gives couples an opportunity to share pleasure discreetly and without boundaries. Lyla 2 Design edition is the upgrade of the world’s best remote controlled massager. The new Lyla 2 features up to 3X greater wireless range and up to 50% more vibration intensity combined with motion controlled functionalities.

With its quiet vibrations, you and your lover will be able to get fully satisfied in and out of the bedroom. Its Sense Motion feature allows the control on the intensity of vibrations with stunning accuracy and customisation. The sense motion technology means that you don’t even have to press a single button to change the speed or intensity which can be accomplished with a single flick of the wrist. That’s right, the sense motion technology that Lelo has created comes three different settings. The first setting simply involves twisting the remote from a horizontal position to an 80 degree tilt for high powered stimulation, altering the angle between these two points will turn up and down the vibrations accordingly. The second stimulation mode, which can be accessed by clicking the middle button on the remote won’t respond to the simplicity of tilting, but can be used through shaking and movement. The faster the movement and shaking, the more intense the vibrations will get. Switching the middle button a third time will activate normal mode, through which you can casually cycle up and down through the speeds and modes by using the buttons on the remote. This gives you a lot of ways to enjoy yourself using this product. In addition, it also features the eight Stimulation modes and even Remote controlled Options for easy use.

Lelo Lyla 2 Couples Vibrator

The minimally sized remote can be slipped discretely into your pocket so you can get some kind of stimulation from the office meeting while the boss drones on. Or in a show of ultimate trust, hand the remote to your partner for their turn at stimulating you from a distance. Make sure you get the remote back though.


Improved Features In The Lelo Lyla 2

Some of the features of the LYLA 2 include it being Comfortable to use, with the firm, supple and yet flexible design of the Lyla 2, the toy will pleasure you both internally and externally. It is slender enough to pleasure you internally and versatile enough to offer external stimulation for you and your partner. LYLA 2 is very comfortable and fully-insert able. It offers greater pleasure compared to other products. Indeed, it’s perfect for a romantic night out. With its special features, it gives lots of pleasure and a warm feeling of satisfaction.

User controlled with a SenseMotion remote gives you and your partner Increased pleasure just the way you like it. It is user controlled with the SenseMotion Remote. With a tilt of the wrist, you will experience increased sensation by controlling the speed of the vibrations. It’s bullet shaped in design to perfect on clitoral stimulation. The 3-button controller lets the user switch from SenseMotion to traditional intensity easily by pressing and holding the center button.

The Lyla 2 features 50% more powerful vibrations than its predecessor with 8 different vibration patterns. The 8 pre-set vibration patterns lets the user or her partner tease herself. You can also let your partner slip the removal cord over his finger to give you the extra external stimulation that you desire. The patterns are more satisfying and discreet.  It also brings a New Dimensions in couples play. The long lasting battery and the near silent vibrations allow couples to share pleasure anywhere regardless the physical distance. The battery of the LeloLyla-2 gives you up to 2 hours use with a single charge and 10 hours use of controller. With a range of 12 meters, your pleasure will go further than other controlled vibrators hence brining you closer when you are apart.

There are so many things that set Lyla 2 apart from other vibration like the adjustable speeds and the discreet functionality on both the remote controlled and non-remote controlled models, Lyla 2lets you explore your pleasure anytime, anywhere.   With the sense motion controls, your partner can adjust the speed of the vibrations by just flicking his wrist. Your partner will also be experiencing the same vibrations as you.   With the firm, supple and yet flexible design of the Lyla 2, the toy will pleasure you both internally and externally. It is slender enough to pleasure you internally and versatile enough to offer external stimulation for you and your partner.

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An update of their earlier Lyla Remote control vibrator for women. Really it’s for men too because what man doesn’t wish his woman came with a remote? Anyway, the Lyla 2 is covered in body-safe silicone to make insertion easy and worry free. There are several new improvements over the previous model. These include the boost to Lyla’s wireless range and a greater vibration intensity that will have you coming back to her time and again for more. The insertion unit and remote are both rechargeable and able to work for hours on a single charge.

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