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The Nalone Wave Rabbit is a sophisticated dual stimulation vibrator that actually comes with three independent vibrating features. These independently controllable features include a silky smooth head with 7 patterns, a flexible clitoral arm with 5 patterns and above all, a row of rotating beads with 3 different speeds to provide you with a wave sensation designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex. Nalone Wave Vibrator is a great toy for those who love the traditional Jack Rabbit style, and also for those looking foran independently controllable arm and shaft.

The Nalone Wave Vibrator is quite a large toy with an overall length of 26cm, while the insertable length of the vibrator is 15cm. It also has a girth of 11.5 cms, which is around three fingers wide. The vibrator itself is covered with silky smooth silicon throughout the entire body and has a shiny ergonomic ABS plastic handle. The super smooth silicone makes it feel smooth and soft to the touch. The vibrator also has an incredibly flexible clitoral arm that is movable in any direction you desire. The firm shaft of the vibrator is lined with a series of fluttering beads, and in combination with three different speeds of pulsation, it caresses your deepest pleasure points in a wave pattern formation massaging up and down the length of the shaft, whilst the realistic shaped head provides a deep internal arousal. Moreover, the vibrator is completely waterproof which offers better maintenance and ease of use. As with all silicone toys, it is advisable to use a top quality water based lubricant for enhanced sensations.

Nalone Wave Rabbit Vibrator

To charge the Nalone Wave, just insert the power USB cord at the back of the device’s handle. For a three hour charge, it will approximately offer three hours of use. The control pad of the vibrator has four buttons. One is an on/off switch which is to be held down (about 4 seconds) to switch on/off the device. The button on the left hand side of the top controls the clitoral stimulator, and with each press it scrolls through 5 clitoral stimulation modes. While, the button on the right hand side of the top controls the head and shaft of the vibrator, which scrolls through 7 vibration modes with each press. Lastly, the button in the middle controls the ‘wave’ feature of the vibrator. This is essentially a series of beads rotating underneath the shaft’s silicone exterior. There are three different wave speeds that are controlled with this middle button.

The vibrations that the Nalone Wave vibrator produce are both rumbly and deep, which work wonderfully during a traditional erotic massage. The realistic head of the vibrator along with its powerful vibrations really allows you reach all those tangled knots in the muscles, which will certainly make you feel much better after a long, hard day. The two independently controlled motors in combination with 7 different patterns, stimulates the G-spot and clitoris, encompassing with blended orgasms. Overall, the luxury Nalone Wave vibrator will enhance your pleasure and experiment with your senses with its appealing functionality and exciting features.


Nalone Wave Vibrating features

  • 7 vibration modes for head and shaft.
  • 5 clitoral modes of vibration.
  • USB rechargeable dual-action vibrator with 3 different speeds and 7 patterns.
  • A flexible clitoral stimulator for enhanced stimulation.
  • Rows of rotating beads for shallow internal sensations.
  • Realistic head to mimic the real sensation of sex.
  • 100 percent waterproof.

Nalone Vibrating Rabbit Massager

  • 5 Clitoral vibration modes
  • 7 Shaft & Head Vibration modes
  • 3 Wave Motion Speeds
  • Fully waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Super smooth silicone over ABS core
  • Full 1 year Nalone warranty
  • Length – 26cm, Insertable Length – 15cm, Girth – 11.5cm

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An exciting new concept from Nalone! The Wave`s shaft uses a unique rotating bead technology thrusting through the shaft, bringing wave after wave of pleasure. This together with vibrant pulsations contained in the head and clitoral arm, driven by the dual action motors, makes it the most sophisticated vibrator on the market!