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Lelo Elise 2

The Lelo Elise Powerhouse

You might have already seen the Lelo Liv 2. You might love the Liv and it is perfectly fine for some people. However, there are people out there that just want, more. The Lelo Elise is the vibrator that offers more. Described as the Lelo powerhouse the Elise offers deep and rumbly vibrations from two individual, and independent motors. The first of which is located in the tip of the toy, and the second located at the base of the insertable part of the shaft for intense labia stimulation. Complete with 8 different modes the Elise 2 is a pleasure toy that provides impressive vaginal stimulation as well as g-spot stimulation.

Lelo Elise 2

The Lelo 2 is not generally recommended as a beginner vibe. It is considerably girthy and newer users might find the shafts girth to be quite intimidating. If you have a love for curvy women then this is the one that’s going to please you.Despite this, for those that can handle the girth they will find it be quite a powerful and useful device. The vibrator itself is a considerable nine inches long with 5 and half of that being insertable. At each end of the insertable shaft the girth measures in at 4 inches with the thickest part of the vibrator being towards the tip and this is measuring in at 4 and a half inches in girth. Like the Liv it has an ergonomic designed curve that is specially crafted to be able to provide stimulation to the g-spot without twisting or contorting the body or hands into weird angles.

Like all of Lelo’s products the Elise 2 is made from a super soft and velvety silicone skin. Don’t be fooled though, one of Elise’s qualities is its rigidity allowing the user to apply pressure on any point and part of the body and the toy will not bend. This is fantastic for people that love a little bit of pressure when using their favourite pleasure object, but for those that like a little more flexibility in their toys, they might find better pleasure within the Fun Factory vibrator range. There is also a metallic silver band that separates the handle from the insertable shaft. Cleaning this bit might become annoying as it is important that you be able to clean the bit that lies between the silver ring and the silicone, but it is essential that you do so.


Using Lelo Toys – The Elise

Operating the Elise is easy and it is very similar to all of the other toys that Lelo offer. To turn the toy on, simply press and hold the “+” button and the Elise will turn on at the lowest setting. Holding the button in will slowly turn the toy up in speed and intensity. Pressing the up and down arrows will change the pulses and function settings. The settings that the Lelo Elise has are as follows:

  1. Steady vibration in both motors
  2. Steady vibration in tip motor only
  3. Steady vibration in base motor only
  4. Alternating pulses back and forth between both motors.
  5. Faster alternating pulses between motors.
  6. Synchronized ramping pulses in both motors.
  7. Synchronized roller coaster vibes in both motors.
  8. Random vibrations in both motors. Each motor will be doing its own thing.

From the low and slow hum that is meant to get you hot and wet to the sensuous hyper-speed that may just have you biting your lip in ecstasy. And what’s better than being able to climax yourself into a pleasant coma? Being able to do it in the bathtub or shower! Elise 2 is completely waterproof and she enjoys a nice evening at home in the bath! So light the candles, pour the champagne and enjoy!

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Elise 2 Vibrator by Lelo

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Meet Elise 2. She’s the vibrator built to please even the hardest to please female. The first thing you will notice on meeting Elise 2 is her beautiful form. She’s angled just right to reach those areas he never could. You know Elise 2 was designed with you in mind because she has two equally powerful motors one at her base, the other at her tip where you want the power to be! She comes equipped with eight modes.