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L’Amourose Mya Beads

The Most Luxurious Kegel Beads; Mya

The L’Amourose Mya beads are a beautiful set of Kegel muscle exercisers that have been brought to you by the French Luxury powerhouse of adult toys. However, with so many Kegel balls on the market are the Mya beads actually worth it, or are they just trying to jump on the band wagon?

A lot of Luxury toy companies offer Kegel balls. If you’re one for keeping to the same set, design or family for adult products then that’s how they get you. You fall in love with a company, you try one or two of their products and pretty soon you’re expanding your set and collection and inevitably, the Kegel balls arrive.

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Why Kegel Balls Are Important

Kegel balls are important, and a lot of people both ignore them and misunderstand them. I’ve seen a lot of comments around that centre around the alleged pleasure that Kegel balls are supposed to provide, and I’d like to dispel that myth first. The primary purpose of Kegel balls are not to provide pleasure. Kegel balls work in the sense that they tighten, tone and strengthen the Kegel muscles which in turn increases pleasure through better blood flow, stronger ability to grasp a partner during sex, and to enjoy stronger more powerful orgasms. Medical benefits that are provided by Kegel balls, or ben-wa balls, are that they fight incontinence, increase blood flow.

Why are the Kegel muscles important? The Kegels support vital organs within the female body, they include the womb, bladder and the bowels. Over time, factors such as pregnancy, weight gain, ageing and childbirth can all affect the strength of the muscles and result in a weakening of the PVC muscles. Kegel balls strengthen these muscles and prevent adverse side-affects.

The Mya beads are stunning. However, don’t be fooled by the professional photography that is often used on them, the Mya beads look multi-faceted with the L’Amourose signature diamond shape pattern, but they are actually enclosed in a round ABS plastic dome, and the multi faceted aspect is a little hard to see. I guess the roundness of the design, as opposed the diamond shape makes it a little easier to clean, however for something different and unique I would have loved to have seen the French company push the boundaries on their balls and give us a textured surface. The Mya beads come in two different versions, the striking red of the Lite version, and the deep royal purple in the pro version. There’s not actually a lot of difference between the two sets, with the only difference being the weight of the single ball. The Lite set has the single ball coming in at 28 grams, with the Pro set having the single ball coming in at 39 grams.


Comparing Mya To Other Kegel Balls

Unlike other brands, the Mya set comes with three balls. A duo set coming in at 76 grams, and a single ball that varies between the set. They come pre-loaded into a silicone holster. What’s different to other sets, is that the balls are not interchangeable between the silicone holster and you’re limited to having two sets. A single ball, and a duo set which you can use. This is different to other sets which you can alternate the balls, mix and match weights in the holster and achieve a variety of different weights. But, the Mya set is the most stunningly beautiful set that I have seen. They haven’t just gone, oh well these are Kegel balls let’s just give them to the intern to design, they have actually put some thought and effort into the design of the Kegel balls in much the same way that they have with all of their other products.

The Mya beads word in the same way as other Kegel toners. Inside each of the domes, is a small weighted ball which will inevitably knock the sides during everyday movement. This little knock will cause the muscles to contract, and the muscles will throughout the session, work out in a series of contractions and reps. This is essentially taking them out to the gym for a gym session where they will slowly get stronger after each session.

The Mya beads are holstered in a thin silicone holder that is permanently attached to the balls. The retrieval cord is not stretchy, so there’ll be no more awkward splashbacks when trying to remove your beads. However, it should be noted that you might need to pay a little extra attention when cleaning as you cannot remove the silicone holster and will need to clean the grooves with a small brush. The Mya beads are a gorgeous addition to any toy chest, however if you’re after versatility then you might want to consider the Lelo Luna beads instead.

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Do Sex Toy Experts Recommend The Mya Beads?

The L’Amourose Mya beads are a delightful set that will help tighten and tone your pelvic floor muscles. Especially useful during ageing or post pregnancy, using the Pelvic Floor Exercisers will increase orgasm strength and help with bladder control. Luxury has never been so beneficial