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L’Amourose Prism Review By Sexperts

L’Amourose released their prism range following feedback from the Black Diamond range. Like all good luxury adult toy companies, they took on the customer feedback and redesigned some of the toys for delightful and simplistic pleasures. The Prism V is the first one that I got my hands on and so without further ado, let’s get this review started.

First impressions of the L’Amourose is that they’ve toned down the packaging. Maybe the Black Diamond range was a little too opulent and luxurious for some, or maybe they wanted to water down the design, but for the prism range they’ve opted for understated simplicity. The Prism V comes in a much cleaner and simpler box, with a clear open window on the front so that you can directly see what’s in the toy. Underneath the toy, lies all the essential components which include the charger, the user manual, the warranty card and a storage pouch.

I was a little disappointed when I first saw it, because I was a huge fan of the design of the Black Diamonds range but a simple comment from my partner brought me back down to reality with a short, and stern response when I expressed my disappointment. ‘I didn’t realise you were going to use the box.’ He was right. The Prism shouldn’t be judged by the box, and I quickly forgave the packaging and ripped into it. By rip, I mean gently and eagerly open it up, and not just tear into it like a rude little schoolgirl.

Lamourose G-Spot Stimulator

The first, and most obvious difference is that L’Amourose have forsaken the charging cradle that exemplifies their black diamond range, the Prism simply has a plug in cord which fits into the base of the toy and charges it up. Standing at a respectable seven and a half inches the prism has an insertable length of about four and half to five inches. Perfect enough for g-spot stimulation, at 1.3 inches wide at the widest point, it’s certainly not a monster and it has a sensually designed S-shape neck in which the thickness narrows down considerably.


The Best Features of the Prism V g-Spot Massager

Prism is coated in a smooth silicone, however it should be noted that the silicone sits on an ABS plastic exterior, meaning that there is absolutely no flexibility in the design whatsoever.

If you’re wondering why the Prism has been called the Prism V, and you’re sitting there freaking out about the potential of missing previous designs, then please don’t fret. The name simply refers to the number of vibration patterns that the Prism has and is in no way indicative of the number of previous designs. Really, did you think that a luxury company such as L’Amourose would need five different designs to get it right?

Sunset Red Prism V G-Spot massager

At the base you’ll discover that the handle has the trademark diamond pattern that has quickly become synonymous with the French Adult Toy Company. In another nod to consumer feedback, they have repositioned the buttons to make it much easier to control. The handle is much more ergonomic than the black diamond range with the button controls being central that will suit left or right handed people with ease. A considerable design flaw for some people with the Black Diamond range.

The vibrations on the prism are still powerful, but maybe it’s due to the thinness of the device, they don’t seem as rumbly or as intense as something like the Rosa. Now don’t get me wrong, I still loved the vibrations on this I’m merely saying that if you’ve had and felt the Rosa, do not expect to have the same level of power and vibrations. With that there are five different vibration patters. The first is your traditional continual vibration setting, and as usual this is my favourite setting. The second setting is like a slow wave, slowly ebbing up and down and the third is pretty much the same just at a faster ‘waving’ speed. The fourth setting is a standard pulse, on and off with nothing fancy In between. The last setting is also one of my favourites. It’s hard to describe because I’m still not quite sure if there’s a definitive pattern to it, or if it’s just an edge of craziness and random settings.

In use, it felt good. I loved the firmness of the toy and it really allowed me to get up and in there for g-spot stimulation. I do admit that I kind of miss the second vibrator that the Rosa has, but the lack of a base in the Prism means that I had a lot more control,  flexibility and movement to the direction of the toy and I found it a little easier to use. The buttons could do with being raised as opposed to being sunken into the toy, but I will admit that they are much easier to use during intimate activity as opposed to the Rosa and other Black Diamond toys.

I did find charging to be a slight pain in the ass. As there are two different parts to the charging device – there’s the actual cord, and then there’s a magnetic part which attaches to the cord and then to the base of the toy for charging. I’m not quite sure why it couldn’t be a seamless and single piece, though I’m sure that there is a legitimate reason for it that’s well beyond my understanding.

Overall I thought this was a solid vibrator with great performance. A single hour of charge will provide up to two hours of play and owing to the completely waterproof design it is a breeze to clean. Remember to only use a water based lubricant during play and to keep the product in its storage bag when not in use. Slender, sleek, and powerful it’s a fantastic vibrator that’s every bit of sensual and luxurious as any other product in the L’Amourose range.

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Why Sexperts Recommend The Prism V By L’Amourose

The L’Amourose Prism V is a five function vibrator that’s been sensually curved to provide stimulation to the G-Spot. Elegant, luxurious and powerful it is completely waterproof, rechargeable with 2 hours of intimate pleasure, and coated in a velvety medical grade silicone for the most hygienic of pleasures..