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In 2009 Lelo released the prostate massager Billy. For many years afterwards, Lelo didn’t really touch male pleasure objects. Sure, they had released the Tor and the Tor 2, but these products were geared towards men in relationships as opposed to a specific male pleasure object. It wasn’t until almost six years later that Lelo decided to release a new range of sex toys specifically geared for men. Maybe it took men that length of time to acclimatise to the idea that they could have some pleasure as well, or maybe it takes that long to create a new product line. Either way, the revolution for male pleasure toys was long overdue.

The Hugo has a similar shape to other prostate massagers on the market, for good reason. There’s only a specific number of shapes that can collectively reach prostates and so it is inevitable that they eventually mirror each other. What sets the Lelo Hugo apart though is the remote control. Never before had I considered that a prostate massager would need a remote control. But having reviewed this beautiful piece of pleasure, I have decided that all future prostate toys that I own, will require a remote control.

Lelo Hugo P-Spot Vibrator

First things first, the appearances of the toy. The Hugo comes in the new Lelo style packaging with the faux leather or crocodile skin-like box. This box has a clear plastic window so that you can directly see the toy that you’re potentially going to get. This is a new innovative approach from Lelo that has obviously been as a response from customers saying that they’d like to see what’s directly in the box. It’s a little more transparent and whilst some have argued that it takes a little of the ‘luxury’ away, I feel that the box has still retained its luxury and elegant aspect. The plastic cover has not cheapened the product in the slightest. Inside the box you’re going to find several things which include; the Lelo Hugo, the remote control, a storage bag, a USB cable, user manual, lubricant sachet, a warranty card and a plastic key which is used to open up the remote control. Keep in mind that the remote control will require 2 AAA batteries to be used. The Hugo, in a digression from previous designs, is also USB rechargeable – meaning that you can recharge it using either a USB wall plug, a PC or anything where you can charge up a device via a USB port. The Hugo will take around 2 hours to charge up and that will give you roughly 2 hours of play.


Using The Remote Control For Lelo Hugo

The Hugo can be used one of two ways. The first way being that you can use the remote, and the second way being that you can control the device using the buttons which are on it. My thoughts are that if you’re going to be forking out some extra money for the remote – then you should probably be using it. To use the device with the remote control, you press the + button on the remote and then press the button on the base of the Hugo once. The devices will pair up, synch and within a few second you’ll be ready and rearing to go.

The Lelo Hugo is said to have two incredibly powerful motors – the first of the motors being in the angled shaft and the second motor being on the arm which sits on the perineum. The motors have a total of six modes in addition to two SenseMotion modes. The Hugo is only 3.5 inches of insertable length, with a girth of four inches. It’s been recommended for beginners, but it’s entirely up to personally preference here. You’ll definitely need to lubricate the toy and the insertion point before using this – even though the silicone is silky soft and smooth.

During insertion I did find it a little resisting. Though I acknowledge that that is probably due to the shape of the curve, the curve is a little more pronounced in this one than it is in other toys, but with a little more lubricant, a deep breath and it popped right in. It had a fairly thin base in comparison to other prostate massagers and it’s very easy to rest against without being too cumbersome. Indeed, sitting on the edge of the chair forced the secondary motor up against my perineum for more direct and intense stimulation. You can tell that this toy, like the majority of Lelo adult toys, have been made with the body shape in mind. Ergonomically designed, it fits with the contours of your body and hugs you in a nice warm embrace. Laying back and letting the remote control do the work was a of fun/ There are two ways in which the remote control works. The first way is on setting one and it works as a response to a horizontal plane. Hold the remote flat in your hand, from there, tilt the remote anywhere up to an 80 degree angle. The higher the angle, the faster the motors will go. Twisting the remote to different angles will also vary the speed of the motors accordingly and you can create some fun custom settings with this function.

The second way that you can use the remote is on setting 2, this setting means that it will not alter as you twist the remote. But it will react to you shaking it. Hold the remote in your hand and then shake the remote rapidly, the harder and faster that you shake the remote the stronger the vibrations are going to be on the Hugo. I fund this one to more of a novelty than anything, your arm quickly becomes sore due to the speed and ferocity that you need to be using in order to make the vibrations to be effective. Alternatively, if you can work out a way in which the remote can be attached to your hand during masturbation, you’ll find that you can tailor the vibrations to match the masturbation. Now doesn’t that sound like fun.

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The Lelo Hugo is a premium insertable prostate massager that can be used with a remote control. The remote control has Lelo’s patented SenseMotion technology that will equal a lot of fun, pleasure and some truly exceptional orgasms. Experience the power of a premium prostate massager today.