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Nalone Electro Pulse Vibrator | Nalone Electro Magnet BodyWand

The Nalone Electro Vibrator is a body massage device like no other. It is one of the first portable massage device to ever incorporate an electromagnetic pulse in its operation. The electromagnetic pulse is found at the head of the Nalone Electro Vibrator. What makes this technology remarkable is the fact that our bodies contain electromagnetic vibrations; every individual organ in our body produces a unique bio electromagnetic signal and every cell in our bodies use electromagnetic waves to communicate. The Nalone Electro Wand is therefore designed to increase that micro current to stimulate your most sensitive nerve endings to provide a heightening of stimulation and arousal levels.

A USB rechargeable vibrator with travel-friendly proportions, the Nalone electro wand also contains dual motors and the unique addition of Electro Magnetic Pulse technology for exciting and unforgettable thrills.

This means that the Nalone Electro Vibrator is able to increase the pleasure levels that we feel in our body by sending electromagnetic wave signals to the responsible pleasure cells in our bodies. The Nalone Electro Vibrator is 21 cm long and it has a head section and a tail section. Both the head section and the tail section operate independently, with each section having its own motor and control system. The Vibration system of the Nalone Electro Vibrator is also remarkable; it operates at different frequencies creating 7 impressive vibration sensations. These 7 vibration sensations can be experienced both at the head section and at the tail section at different times depending on which section is in operation.

The external casing of the vibrator is made up of medical grade silicon, ABS plastic and stainless steel. The silicon provides a feel good sensation when using the vibrator easing the rigid effects of the steel and plastic covering. The steel properly directs the vibratory waves and electric pulses; it ensures accurate and effective stimulation of the exhausted muscle tissues and other pleasure spots on the body. The long design of the Nalone Electro Vibrator also ensures steady and stable handling.

Nalone body Wand Massager

The Nalone Electro Vibrator has 4 operations buttons on the side and a plug in charger port at the bottom. The top most button is the lightning mode. The lightning mode produces 3 high frequency vibrations for maximum pleasure through the use of electromagnetic pulses.  It is turned on by pressing this button down for around three seconds. An LED light should will be displayed when it’s on. On turning it on, the lightning mode will gradually take you through 3 vibrations at alternating periods.

Electromagnetic pulses provide numerous benefits for sexual pleasure. The pulses stimulate the muscles which in turn can increase the level of blood flow to the muscles as they’re reacting to the pulses. Increase blood flow will inevitably equal higher sensitivity and sensations of pleasure.

For maximum pleasure it is advisable to use the vibrator when your body is wet or it has a smooth lubricant on it. This will ensure that the skin receives an adequate charge and it will assist in the delivery of the electromagnetic pulses across the body and skin.

If you want to switch off the lightning mode, all that is needed is a long 3 second press on the lightning button at the top, Right below the Lightning button is the Electro stimulator button; in order to turn this function on, simply long press this button for 3 seconds. This button has an LED light that displays when its own. The electro stimulator sends the electro pulses to deepen the stimulating effect of the Nalone Electro Vibrator. To switch off this function, you press the Electro button for three seconds and release.

Below the Electro button is the head functionality button; the head functionality button also has an LED light that displays when the button turns on after pressing for 3 seconds. The head comes equipped with 7 different vibration frequencies. In order to switch between the different vibration types; you just tap the head button once. You can hence ‘press through’ the different vibration frequencies to select whichever will serve you best. And to switch off the head functionality, you long press the head button for 3 seconds. The bottom most button is the tail functionality button and it operates in the same way as the head functionality button.

Nalone Electro Vibrator

Electro Pulse Stimulation Toys

Designed for an all-over body message. This elegant massager has a powerful motor and a hidden secret!

Nalone have introduced the technology of Electro Magnetic Pulse into the head.  This produces an intense micro current which stimulates your most sensitive nerve endings to heighten sensation levels.

  • Electro Magnetic Pulse technology
  • An amazing 7 stimulation modes in the handle
  • An amazing 7 stimulation modes in the head
  • Dual motors in both the head and the tail of the device
  • Super-smooth silicone over an ABS core
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling and stability
  • Fully waterproof
  • Rechargeable vibrator via DC and USB
  • Presented in a beautiful satin lined box
  • Includes a USB cable and satin drawstring storage bag
  • 1 year Nalone warranty for any product related issued


How To Use Your Nalone Electro Wand

  • Simply take hold of the ergonomic handle within your hands and long press the bottom button to start the vibrations for the motor located in the ergonomic handle. Press again to explore the varying speeds and patterns. From here you can choose to glide the smooth metal underside over tense muscles and along your inner thigh to build up your arousal levels or as a muscle relaxant.
  • If you’re looking to ramp up the pleasure simply long press the second button up to start the powerful vibrations in the head of the wand vibrator. Again, you can use this button to explore and cycle through the full array of 3 speeds and 4 patterns.
  • Unleash the intense electric micro current power of the electro wand that is in the tip of the waterproof vibrator by using the top 2 buttons. One button switches on the Electro Magnetic Pulse technology of the Nalone wand and the other button controls the intensity and strength of the electromagnetic current.
  • You may choose to enjoy a choice of just one of the settings or all 3 vibration/electro current settings in the wand handle and head at the same time for incredible sensations. This applies whether you’re simply holding the wand or directing it towards your sensitive nerve endings.
  • Coat the head of the toy with water-based lubricant for extra slippery pleasure and enhanced sensations. If you experience any sharp pain when using the electromagnetic wand, apply a small amount of water based lubricant across the area that you’re using it on.

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Silicone and metal combine to send waves of powerful vibration and electric pulses to intimate spots and tired muscles for a whole new level of stimulation. With Electro Magnetic Pulse technology, this wand vibrator leads the way in innovative pleasure….