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L’amourose Rosa Black Diamonds Massager

Reviewing The Rosa Black Diamond

Even if you’re not familiar with the L’Amourose brand – you’re going to know that you’re in for a treat the moment that you look at the box. The packaging alone is a special treat with a smooth matte black box with gold lettering and writing.

Once you open up the box you’re greeted with a delightfully cute black bow which is what you pull to remove the internal keepsake box. Once there, you are greeted by the serene Rosa sitting on a black diamond style charging base and held together by another black ribbon. Underneath the charging port is the plug, a velvet storage bag, the instructions on how to use the Rosa, and the warranty card.

If someone though that other brands had their stuff together, then you should definitely see the thought and the consideration that has gone into the Rosa packaging. The Rosa is a vibrator that looks good. It’s coated in a smooth body safe silicone and there’s not a single seam to be seen. It culminates into a bulbous tip which has a thin neck – the neck is flexible and this is where they get their flex technology. Sure, they might have grandiosely over stated the ‘technology’ but you can see how it’s going to adjust seamlessly into the contours of your body.

Rosa Black Diamond G-Spot Vibrator

At the base of the Rosa and located on the side are the control buttons. These can be easy to miss, and L’Amourose has made them a little raised so that you can adjust the settings on the fly without having to take the entirety of the toy out and change the settings. This sounds good in theory, but in practice not so much. The button design was my only thought that they could improve in the Rosa. When the toy is on, and you’re sitting on it or in a similar position getting access to the buttons can be quite difficult. They do take getting used to so ideally practice where each of the buttons are and what they do.H2: Why L’Amourose is Different.

On the bottom of the device is the continued pattern for the Rosa in the black. A black diamond theme which is connected to the device and forms the base of the toy. At the bottom of this is the charging port- which are two small gold points through which you connect the device to on the charging dock. You might need to align the device on the charging dock but once you’re set the lights on the side of the Rosa will flash gently.

When you first get the Rosa you will need to charge it up for a couple of hours. Once the Rosa has completely charged the lights will stop flashing ever so gently. It will also remind you to charge it when it is low by flashing continually at you.

The Rosa is a two function toy and it can alternatively be used for prostate or for g-spot stimulation. This review will be focused as a prostate massager, but the same principles of the review will apply. The Rosa has an insertable length of around 5 inches and the widest point has a girth of roughly around 4 and a half inches. For this reason the Rosa is recommended to people that have experienced prostate play and consider themselves to more than just beginners.

Lamourose rosa flex

The Rosa is incredibly powerful and despite having two motors, one in the tip of the toy and one in the base for vulva/clitoral/perineum stimulation the device is actually quiet and not overly loud. Consider a really muffled electric toothbrush and I feel that once you close the door you’re not going to hear this beauty anywhere else.

Once you lube up the toy with a waterbased lubricant and slide it in, you’ll notice how the device contours to your body. As mentioned earlier, turning it on from this angle can be quite difficult but with practice you’ll manage. This is one of the strongest massagers that I’ve had in a long while. Even on the lowest setting I was laying there clutching the sheets in a bundle and it only got better when I turned it up. It has a variety of settings, but my absolute favourite for this one was the alternating mode where the tip and the base motor would vibrate in an alternating style. Clenching the toy, and at that power caused an explosive prostate orgasm that had me gasping for breath. It was unbelievable.

Cleaning up was a breeze, for the toy, because it is waterproof. Simply run it under the tap as you would, use some toy cleaner and then pop it back into the box or use the velvet pouch that the product comes with.

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Why Rosa is a favourite G-Spot Massager

The L’Amourose Rosa from the Black Diamonds collection is stunningly beautiful. With an androgynous design it is perfectly suited for either G-Spot or Prostate stimulation. Delightfully packaged and incredibly powerful, the Rosa is sure to become a very firm favourite in your intimate toy collection.