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Nalone Miu Miu

Nalone Miu Miu Vibrating Kegel Exerciser

Nalone Miu Miu Vibrator is a sex toy, designed for achieving stronger and more intense orgasms, as well as tone the muscles on pelvic floor. The structure consists of two equal sized balls linked together almost like the number eight. These balls can be used for exercising like Kegel’s balls, and simultaneously vibrated to create pleasurable sensation. Effectively, it is an exercising device as well, which can be helpful in reducing incontinence, and tightening up vaginal muscles.

Boasting 7 vibration functions and a smooth silicone coating, these Kegel balls tone and stimulate simultaneously for effective and pleasurable results. Hand the remote control over to your lover to and let them take control of your orgasmic quest.

What Is Nalone Miu Miu

Total length of Nalone Miu Miu Vibrator is 15 centimeters. Of this, 7.5 centimeter can enter the vagina. The 11.5 cms diameter ensures that the toy touches the walls inside and vibrates it vigorously for the purpose of arousing a woman. Notable features of Nalone Miu Miu Vibrator are that the Designers have ensured deeper penetration with the toy in comparison to other Kegel exercisers, while ensuring that G-spot is constantly touched and vibrated with the second ball pressing against the back of clitoris. Apart from this shape advantage, the other features worth mentioning about this vibrator include:

  • Smooth coating made of silicone and skin safe ABS plastic to make the user feel as if it is skin rather than some metal or plastic entering the vagina.
  • 7 different vibration modes to choose from based on level of excitement;
  • Water proof exteriors and interiors so that it can be used even in the bath tub;
  • The toy comes with a remote control which the lady can use or make the partner use on her from a distance of almost 10 meters;
  • The toy includes a cord for retrieving it from deeper penetration. There is a steel colored attachment for easily pulling the cord.
  • The joint between the balls is flexible because of which it follows the contours and muscular movements inside the vagina more easily than some of the rigid dildos.
  • The steel colored attachment on the cord for pulling out the toy from vagina can be opened to attach to USB cable which can then be attached to adapter or laptop for charging the toy;
  • It takes three hours to charge this toy, and the charge lasts for three hours;
  • The toy is almost noiseless because the noise does not exceed 30 decibels;
  • A pouch is also supplied along with the toy for storing the remote, toy, and the USB cable provided along with the toy. This pouch can be closed and opened with a drawstring, and is easier to accommodate in handbags than hard boxes.
  • The remote has LED buttons which are easy to press

Nalone Miu Miu Kegel Exercisers

The Nalone Miu Miu Kegel Exerciser needs to be charged for functioning. The process for it is to Locate the on and off switch on the body of the toy and press it to reveal the charging point. Then open the steel holder, to show the charge point where you can plug the USB cable, and then plug the cable to adapter or other device. While charging the indicator on the toy’s body will flash, and it will stop after being charged completely. Now switch on the toy and hold the toy’s remote control near it till the toy begins to vibrate. The button on remote’s top changes the vibration modes. These modes change every time the button is pressed. The remote control has a button for Kegel exerciser. When this button is pressed, the toy becomes an exerciser. It now vibrates with gap of 20 seconds. Use the switch on and off button on the toy for switching off the toy.

Only use water-based lubricants for this Kegel exerciser as silicone can disrupt the material and damage your new toy. Miu Miu also has an optional smart ball mode which will set your vibrator to buzz randomly as you’re wearing them. Alternatively, give your partner the remote control for some sensual and cheeky fun.

Nalone Miu Miu

It is clear that the Nalone Miu Miu is an innovative new toy that bridges the gap between vibrator and Kegel exerciser.

Coat with plenty of water-based lube before inserting the Kegel exerciser into your vagina. Set your exerciser to ‘smart ball’ mode for your vibrator to buzz into life spontaneously as you wear them. Alternatively, let your partner tease and caress you from afar with the handy remote control, cycling through the 7 modes of vibration from up to 10 metres away.

Benefit from toned pelvic floor muscles, enhanced control and stronger orgasms. Ideal for both beginners and experts.

Nalone Vibrating Kegel Exercisers

Key Features Of The Nalone Miu Miu

  • Total weight: 69g
  • The materials are a Smooth silicone and ABS plastic
  • Rounded tip for easy insertion
  • 3 inch retrieval cord for easy removal
  • 7 intense stimulation modes
  • Optional ‘smart ball’ mode
  • Ergonomic remote control with 10 metre radius
  • Easy-press LED buttons
  • Whisper-quiet – less than 30 decibels
  • Rechargeable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Presented in a beautiful satin lined box
  • Includes USB cable and drawstring storage bag
  • 1 year Nalone warranty


  • Length: 6 inches
  • Insertable Length: 3 inches
  • Circumference: 4.5 inches

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Nalone Kegel Exercisers

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The elegant design works to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles but also has an additional remote feature which allows the intensity of vibration to be controlled from up to 10 metres away.  Let your partner join the fun – If you want to share it…