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Lelo Nea 2

Lelo Nea 2 Handheld Massager

Lelo Nea 2 Vibrator and women were very simply, and without question, made for each other. Every woman wants to know what the best sex toy for her is, and the answer is simple; Lelo. One of the best sex toys in the market today is Lelo Nea. Designed by the Swedish luxury designer LELO, it is the seamless blending of desire, elegance and luxury.  Lelo Nea has a high-tech design, and is an intuitive vibrator that looks as luxurious as it feels. The Vibrator is very unique because of its streamlined design, versatility and high-tech features. Designed to please any woman, the vibrator is a clitoral stimulator that feels great in every situation and can easily double as a hand held sensual body massager. Lelo Nea is an exceptional vibrator to use solo, and additionally can also be used during sex with a partner due to its small size. It is a non-threatening vibrator that couples and first-timers can enjoy with very little difficulty.

The Lelo Nea is tiny, discreet and does not really look like a vibrator—actually, you could mistake it for a high-tech mp3 player. The Vibrator is comes in various colors and has a porcelain-like finish, with subtle lavender-colored flower detail. The finish is an ABS plastic and it delightfully contrasts with the Lelo Lily and its satin/velvet silicone finish. The Nea vibrator is designed to fit over the curve of the labia and fit in the palm of the hand. Complete with delicate flowers, the beautiful and shiny vibrator combines stylishly good looks with a powerful and sturdy motor. Lelo Nea is the ideal cordless take-along sex toy and even locks when traveling for no accidental buzzing during transit.

Lelo Nea Massager

How Does The Lelo Nea Feel?

The Lelo Nea 2 vibrates at different levels. The lowest vibration imparts a soft, thudding vibration and at a higher speed the vibrator has a buzzing, strong vibration. The Nea is made from smooth, seamless, high-quality ABS plastic that feels great with your natural lubrication, and also works well with various lubricants.


Where Do You Use The Nea Vibrator

The vibrator was developed for external stimulation and fits perfectly over the pubic bone, making it ideal for clitoral stimulation. You can use it anywhere on your vulva, from the vaginal opening to the clitoris. If you are a creative user, you will find that its vibration range makes it fantastic for perineum, penis, nipple and anal massage as well, meaning that despite its floral design it’s perfectly suited for mature gay couples as well. You can use the Nea Vibrator on its own, during sex or with a dildo. It is the best size for use with partners, and is sure to take you to new erotic heights.

A rechargeable internal battery never needs replacing and comes with charger with 4 hours of pleasure from a 2 hour charge.  The Lelo Nea offers an excellent range of vibrations for those who love a soft or more intense touch, and can be used by women who enjoy clitoral stimulation and couples who want to experiment.  Purchasing a Lelo Nea vibrator is a step toward a whole new world of sexual independence, self-pleasure and unbelievable satisfaction.

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Lelo Nea 2 Massager

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A discreet and fashionable appearance makes it the perfect handbag accessory, where NEA gains even more appeal through a stylish floral motif on its back and side. Placed in the curves of a user’s hand, its porcelain-like finish feels exquisite to touch, while a rechargeable motor and five powerful modes of stimulation deliver multiple possibilities. Intended for using individually or with a partner, NEA ensures the potential for play will never be the same again.