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Lelo Mia 2

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The Mia is a delightfully small vibrator that is the perfect tool for travelling. It’s the perfect blend of style, elegance and pleasure that people have come to expect from toys in the Lelo range. It’s unique in the sense that it’s not only a rechargeable toy, but that it is specifically rechargeable via a USB port. You could probably plug this into a USB port while sitting at the airport and no-one is going to notice or suspect a thing. Unless of course they have one themselves, and you’ll receive a knowing wink, smile and a thumbs up.

The difference between Mia 2 and some of the other Lelo toys is the material that’s been used. Lelo Mia 2 doesn’t have a primarily silicone based coating, rather it has been coated in an ABS plastic. The buttons have been made from silicone though, so care needs to be taken if you simply can’t give up using your silicone lubricant to ensure that no lubricant actually gets onto the buttons which can cause a range of issues including the potential melting of the buttons where they’ll get sticky.


The Ultimate Travel Vibrator

The size of the Mia is quite petite and is smaller than some male sex toys including a penis plug. Measuring in from front to back at 4 and a half inches with a thickness of 1 inch around. It’s made as a clitoral vibrator and it really shouldn’t be used internally. It is probably one of the most discreet bullet vibrators around, as once you take the cap off it simply looks like a stylish USB hard drive. It’s an incredibly quiet motor, and you might think that a quiet motor means that it doesn’t have power. You would be very mistaken. Sure, the Mia 2 doesn’t have as much power as something like the NU bullet, or the well-known we-vibe tango but what it lacks in this power is the versatility of the vibrations.

The Mia 2 can be turned up and down in power and settings, whereas the We-vibe tango has a bunch of pre-set speeds and settings. It’s simple and easy to use with a two button control where you can turn up and down the vibration as well as change the vibration pattern settings by holding the plus button down. You have six different settings to choose from, which admittedly is not as much variety as other Bullet vibrators, so if you’re looking for variety then this might not be the best option for you. However, if you’re looking for something, sleek stylish and simple and you just want something that’s straightforward, then the Mia is going to be the perfect option for you. Whereas the tango is a deep rumbly vibrator that tends to jump around a lot, the Mia 2 has a very different feel and sensation to it. It’s more like a hummingbird than a thumper. Some people might prefer this sensation as the Tango might be too strong or it might hurt their clitoris a little too much, the Mia is much gentler in this regard and is going to be perfect for people that aren’t necessarily a fan of deep and rumbling vibrations.

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When LELO released the Mia 1 the very versatile little hero to women on the go everywhere some may have thought that there was little that could be done to improve on its simplicity and ease of use. Well if you were one of those you were wrong. The Mia 2 is now waterproof for those times when you want a little stimulation in the bathtub, the shower or the hot tub. Mia 2 is now twice as powerful as the original Mia 1 and has six, not four, vibration modes. Mia 2 is still rechargeable by using the USB cord and with each charge will take you to veritable dimensions of sexual satisfaction. And just like the predecessor, the Mia 2 comes in three different colors: black, deep rose and pink. As with all LELO products, the Mia 2 comes wrapped in a beautiful box with a storage pouch.