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Nalone Rock Bodywand – New Nalone intimate massager and BodyWand is designed for your ultimate pleasure and comfort of using it in your vaginal region, or anywhere externally that you so choose. Made of metal covered with silicone for a soft stimulation of your needs. Cordless and waterproof packed in an eye appealing housing new Rock Vibrator is ready for you wherever, whenever. Innovative breakthroughs in both design and usability embodied in 17.8 centimeters long massager with 7 different vibration modes ready to rock the world of the most complex users. Its head is all you’ll need to reach the peak of your passion without any need of using your hands at all.

The Nalone rock vibrating massager is a mid size massager that has been designed with maximum pleasure in mind. You’ll notice very quickly how amazing this toy is from the minute that you turn it on and it’s going to keep you enthralled all the way through each and every use. In comparison to other massaging wands which are noticeably larger, you will find that the Nalone Rock is petite enough to provide far more localised sensations due to the smallness of the head. Something like the Hitachi BodyWand with a broad head is unable to provide such local sensations due to the sheer size of the head which will engulf the entirety of the vulva as opposed to a small section. It’s not pinpoint sensation, but if you like using large dildos then you’ll definitely seethe benefits of something like this.

The smaller size of the Nalone rock wand will also mean that it is easier for people to hold whom may have issues holding larger wands for extended periods of time. This may be due to arthritis or people with certain disabilities which affect movement – the catch 22 is that people with mobility disabilities are often recommended vibrators like this, but they simply can’t handle the size and the weight of the toy.

Tailor your pleasure to exactly how you like it and take full advantage of 7 scintillating modes of vibration. Each setting is super-strong and rumbly and sure to satisfy even the most discerning of power queens out there in the world. The silicone head caresses your sweet spots with intense vibrations whilst its textured handle makes grip and control seamless and easy.

Nalone Rock Body Wand

For more adventuresome users, Rock Vibrator is made to fit any size while taking care of gentle spots, keeping up with both outsides and inside pleasure. Its texture allows it to be handled with ease with guaranteed seamless grip and control. The mode selector is only one simple push-in button which reacts just to the gentle press of a finger.


Benefits Of Medical Grade Silicone Toys

Since there are no latex or phthalates we assured our users there is no chance of allergies of any kind or undesired reactions to the Nalone product. That’s one of the benefits of a medical grade silicone toy. It doesn’t absorb or hold onto bacteria, and it is super easy to clean and maintain. Another feature that makes it easy to use is its rechargeable battery that can endure hours of your play time within just a few to get back to its original state ready for usage. If by any chance you are more than an advanced user feel free to combine Rock Vibrator with a water-based lubricant to extend your enjoyment to its maximum.

Rock Vibrator comes with one year warranty from Nalone and its special designed travel bag ready for the road.


Key Features Of The Nalone Vibrator

  • Material: Silicone
  • Flexibility: Firm
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
  • Controller Type: Built in – push button
  • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
  • Power Type: Rechargeable
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Base type: Handle

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An innovative design for maximum satisfaction, this rechargeable wand vibrator houses a powerful motor in its head to send vibrations straight to your intimate spots, and not through your hands. Plus, it’s totally cordless for freedom to experiment…