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Lelo Billy

Lelo Billy Men’s Sex Toy | Lelo Billy Male Sex Toy

The Lelo Billy is a vibrator cum massager for those who desire to discover more vigorous sensation within. Designed specifically to match the male figure one can benefit from the different control levels which offer different stimulation modes. Such versatility in the product ensures spectacular results. User has the option to set the level of vibration from mild to intense depending upon the mood of the user which satisfies most. Billy Vibrator is an enjoyable companion for those who are seeking for an intense release and the product can be used in lonely or with the partner.

Lelo Billy is designed in such a manner that it offers total satisfaction and peace of mind no matter whatever the situations are. The product is FDA approved and phthalate free PC/ABS Silicone and is capable of providing immense pleasure for up to 4 hours. Intensity of pleasure is important while using a vibrator to satisfy personal needs. Users can control the speed and intensity of the vibration by the dedicated dial that is present. As per the need and the mood user can increase or decrease the level of intensity offered by Billy Vibrator.

Billy Vibrator comes inside a beautifully designed gift box which includes the cable charger for charging the vibrator, a pouch to store the vibrator carefully and a user manual on how to operate the product. The product also comes with the standard one year Lelo warranty.

Lelo Billy P-Spot Vibrator

Always use an anti-bacterial spray before and after using the product for complete satisfaction. The anti-bacterial spray also helps in avoiding any infections that could affect the applied area of the body. Billy Vibrator is not water proof so be careful while cleaning it with water and always use the anti-bacterial solution while cleaning the product. Also be careful that the control interface of the product or its charging socket does not get in direct contact with water. In case the water gets inside the console avoid using it as it may give electric shocks and could also short circuit the house while charging.


Luxury Male Prostate Massager

Lelo Billy Vibrator is also the perfect tool for you to stimulate the erogenous area of the prostate to offer immense pleasure and total satisfaction to the user. The different modes and level of vibration make sure that you get the best feeling and proper arousal. It offers the perfect amount of massage while you move it around the applied area. Such is the effect of Billy vibrator that once you start off with it you never want to turn it off. With just two hours of charging Billy Vibrator is capable enough to offer you up to four hours of pleasure time.

You should consider this toy to be a medium sized device with the following specifications in mind.

  • Full Length: 7. Inches
  • Insertable Length: About 4 Inches
  • Maximum Width: About 1.1 Inches

If you’re wondering why this prostate massager isn’t longer, then you need to remember that it is a prostate massager. The prostate is only a couple of inches inside, and therefore you don’t need some massive size queen sized shaft that’s going to go deep inside. Just the tip will do fine! The handle is where all the action is – it contains the charging port and the control panel for the unit. Unlike some male vibrators where you can use both ends, it should be noted that the ABS coated plastic handle should never be used for insertion. Might sound crazy we know, but we need to clarify that for some. You can tell that this is a male vibrator through the flange that separated the silicone shaft and the handle. The flange acts as a stopped that prevents the toy from being dragged in from the sphincter muscles.

The Billy comes with 5 distinct patterns which are yours to explore. The first being a continuous vibration, and the remaining four being patterns.  There are around nine levels of intensity that can be attached to each pattern giving you a total of 45 different settings that you could use. How’s that for versatility?

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Billy is a gentleman’s prostate massager ideal for exploring a more energetic sensation within. With an ergonomic design perfectly suited to the male form, he offers sustained control through five powerful vibration modes. Such versatility achieves breathtaking results, where stimulation may be kept mild during arousal, before increasing to the levels that excite you most. Whether enjoyed individually or with a partner, Billy is a highly discreet and satisfying companion, always primed to deliver the most varied feelings of release.