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Every now and then sex toy companies throw a curve ball which completely change the way reviewers look at toys. L’Amourose is one of those companies and since their inception review after review have raved about their products, their design, their packaging and their innovation. Until this point in time, there hadn’t really been anything that had been made with specifically the male body in mind. Sure, a lot of the toys such as the Rosa were gender neutral and could be used by either sex, but there hadn’t been anything specifically geared towards men. Luxury sex toy companies seem to forget about men and male pleasure and gear themselves towards couples vibrators and toys that just happen to also stimulate men. Then came the Pour homme set and I was hoping that it would redefine the way that men look at adult toys, and specifically luxury adult toys.

If there’s one thing that L’Amourose nails every single time, it’s the packaging. Packaging is not something that should ever be underestimated. It provides the first impression for a toy, and if the packaging provides a positive experience for the person opening it, it puts a positive spin on the rest of the review and goes a long way from making a sex toy good, to be one that is awesome.

The box of the Pour Homme set is jet black, and once you remove the external cardboard casing there’s another two other boxes. The smaller, cardboard box inside emblazoned with the words ‘Accessories’ on it. It’s very discreet, very cute and makes for a great keep sake and storage box. This box contains all the complementary stuff, such as the charging cable, storage bag, warrant card and the instruction manual. The second box contains the prizes. Inside the second box you’ll find your homme set securely tucked away inside like a delightfully luxurious box of mints.

Lamourose Sex Toy Set

Inside The Pour Homme Gentlemen’s Sex Kit

The Homme set contains five items. Firstly you’ll find the rechargeable bullet vibrator, the charging dock for the bullet which doubles as a remote control and three silicone holsters named Clark, Leo and Roy. The silicone holsters have been designed to hold the bullet in them, from which you can create different toys and use them in different ways.

The bullet is only two and a half inches in length and about three and half inches in circumference. Like most of L’Amourose products it’s completely waterproof and rechargeable making clean up an absolute breeze.

The paramour bullet has five different vibrations and is capable of having 12 different intensities in the level of vibrations. Interestingly, the remote control is responsive up to a distance of around 16 metres, and it handles this quite well. It is dependent on the walls in between and what’s in the walls so please note that the results might vary. The vibrations are quite rumbly and it’s packing some heat considering its small stature. Its battery isn’t the greatest unfortunately, and this might be a reflection of the power, but a two hour charge will provide a little over an hours’ worth of play. The remote control plugs into the mains wall unit, the bullet sits on top in the little cradle with the magnetic points toucher and boom, off you go.

The bullet works wonderfully well with the remote and has incredible responsiveness. To turn the bullet on, you simply press and hold the side button for a few seconds until the light is flashing, and then you’ll need to pair it with the remote by turning the remote on. After a few seconds the devices will pair the bullet will buzz to life and then you’re ready to go.

The remote can work in several ways, simply using the various buttons on the side, or using the touch pad response unit. Pressing the top of the touch pad will turn the intensity up and the bottom of the pad will turn it down. The remote also has a touch memory mode. Sure it’s a little gimmicky, but I actually liked this inclusion. It upped the ante and whilst it’s not something that I’d use for solo play or play by myself it’s certainly something that the partner and I enjoyed using together. What happens here is that you press and hold the M button on the remote, and this will cause the remote to blink. This is indicating that it’s in record mode – you can record a ten second pattern which you can create through motions on the touch pad and then create your own sensual pattern. Once the ten seconds is up – the pattern will simply repeat until you enter in a new one, or turn the device off.


L’Amourose Clarke – The Gentlemen’s Cock Ring

With that out of the way – let’s talk about the cradles and starting off with the Clarke Gentlemen’s ring. Personally, whilst I’m not well endowed the little amount of stretch that the ring provided was a little tight. The Clarke took a little patience and some lubricant to put on, and whilst it did provide some awesome constriction, I couldn’t wear it for an extended period of time which was a little disappointing. When testing this device my partner and I don’t have a clitoris, so we were missing this small aspect, however we did find that the vibrations would provide a nice vibration for the recievers perineum, and for the wearer there was some pleasurable rumblings along the shaft. Depending on how you wear this you could wear this with the bullet on top of the shaft for clitoral stimulation, or you could wear it against the testicles for clitoral stimulation from a rear angle, or for providing vibrations to the perineum or the testicles. Whilst I somewhat enjoyed this, I would note that if you’re above average endowed, or not a fan of tight rings then you’re definitely going to struggle with this one.

The Leo is a sleeve which has been designed to gently straddle the penis. It can be used as a stroker, a frenulum massager, or something to provide stimulation to the glans. The two wings provide a great job in not only gripping along the shaft and holding it in place, but also transferring the vibrations of the bullet down onto the shaft. It will require lubricant, especially if you want to slide this up and down. Which is not something I particularly recommend as your hand will be absorbing some of the vibrations, but it does switch the movement up a little. I feel that there could have been more strength to use with this attachment, but I am used to the fun factory cobra which has an enormous amount of localised intensity. My partner on the other hand, loved this very much and was leaning back on the bed, the wings clipped around his penis and enjoying the vibrations. I teamed it up with a prostate massager and it wasn’t long before he was writhing around with pleasure.

H4: L’Amourose Roy Prostate Massager

The last of the set was the Roy. This is touted as a robust and intense prostate massager. I was slightly confused with the shape of the toy, as it looked more like a ring pop than anything I would comfortably use on my prostate, but I gave it a go anyway. Whilst I wasn’t a fan of it being labelled as a prostate massager, I did enjoy the vibrations that it provided as a butt plug. I found it to be quite strong, rumbly and pleasurable. The ring made for an easy pop in and pop out kind of vibe and I just found it to be enough.

Whilst the Homme set isn’t something that makes me go, omg it’s about to explode. I do feel that it makes a nice sensual addition to someone just starting out in men’s adult toys, or someone that is looking for a nice sensual gift for their partner or husband to spice things up. Individually, the toys are decent but not earth shattering and my partner and I had the most fun when using the remote control on each other and just having a laugh. We shared some intimate moments with this set, had fun and when it comes to couples sets that’s really all anyone can ask for.

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