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As women were exploring the delicacies and delight of the luxury rabbit vibrator, LELO was investing heavily to refine the very features they had introduced to the toy market and adult toy stores with their original Ina 1. Thus was born the next generation of stimulation pleasure, as the masterpiece features of a rabbit-mode vibrator evolved into LELO INA 2. In its new, improved design, the vibrator has a longer stem to extend the sensations even deeper and offer more pleasure. Most importantly, LELO INA 2 is designed with two whisper-like motors, targeting the two feminine pleasure spots with a strong masculine-like wave of vibrations. As such, the vibrator silently offers a simultaneous package of vibrations for the clitoris, and internal G-spot vibrations with a deeper stem. The LELO INA 2 not only looks beautiful and feels incredibly smooth, but it also extends feminine stimulation to luxurious heights.

From the outset, the relatively general features of common vibrators in the toy store are incomparable to the functional qualities of LELO INA 2. As a duo-action rabbit-style vibrator, the master piece features of LELO INA 2 only become evident, during use. LELO INA 2 has a wider length separating the rabbit ears and the base shaft. This means that it is more easily able to accommodate for differing body shapes. As such, the new design does not constrict a user as the original did, LELO INA 2 allows a lady to assume any comfortable position, and by so doing easily move to best suit the user’s unique anatomy. The rabbit ears are creatively easy to adjust, and are thus often referred to as the finger by conventional users. Masculine by the strength of vibrations, and smooth by the perfection of the silicone coating, LELO INA 2 can thus be adjusted to a precise position by the user. This adjustment capability allows for maximal insertion of the base shaft to attain desired user-specific depth, even as the rabbit ‘ears’ rock the external senses and bring wave after wave of


Features Of Lelo’s Ina 2

Ina’s stem has been extended to reach that elusive G-spot and the flexible silicone design allows you to conform to your body’s needs. And for that extra special bath, Ina 2 is completely waterproof so that the relaxing bubble bath can quickly become an intense sexually charged experience. Ina 2 can be used alone, or with the partner who just can’t seem to find his way around.

Evolution of Masterpiece of LELO INA 2: Next Generation of Stimulation Luxury.  From user feedback to online product reviews, LELO has conquered the art of simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation with its delightful Ina 2 Design. So what then is the difference between the Lelo Soraya and the Ina 2? The Soraya has a soft rabbit that is easily manipulated into any ergonomic position required, the Ina on the other hand is more firm in its design, and this allows it to provide a lot more pressure onto the clitoris and erogenous zones that the Soraya may not be able to provide

Their unprecedented focus on the features that define the core of pleasurable vibrations inspired the release of a luxurious rabbit style design. The original INA easily became a lifetime partner who always perfected the maximal satisfaction of a lady. Upon innovation, the rabbit-style vibrator perfected the strength of dual-motor vibrations, optimally enhanced with a curvaceous yet unique sensation for optimum g-spot stimulation. The rabbit gradually reigned as an iconic evolution of vibrator toys.

Lelo Ina 2 Rabbit Massager

That is not all. LELO INA 2 uses a four-button interface, conveniently located for convenience during use, and offering a set of eight distinctive pleasure modes. A user can choose a mode in which both the motors are switched on, to offer vibrations for the clitoris, and internal vibrations for G-spot pleasure. Alternatively, a user can opt for only the shaft or the ears to have their motors on, for precise vibrations. Further, with LELO INA 2 it offers an alternate pulsing mode for both motors whereby the ears and shaft can pulse in tandem with each other, or with one pulsing and one off and switching. Interestingly, LELO INA 2 also offers either a transition or pulsating mode offering vibrations from both motors for every second. The vibrator offers two modes that are uniquely and purely genius. A user can opt for escalating low speeds to high speeds, between the ears and the shaft motors, or activate the chaos theory mode offering random speed and motor action patterns to push the woman’s sensations to the outer limits.

In many ways, LELO Ina 2 was designed for the luxurious pleasure of a modern lady, to exquisite proportions. For instance, it is quickly rechargeable and offers 4 hours of pure pleasure for every2-hour charge. The motors are silent and thus ideal for discreet use in privacy, and most importantly, the vibrator is fully waterproof and can safely be used in the showers or while bathing. Being phthalate-free, INA 2 was crafted with an approved safe-to-use silicon body, and enhanced with finished coating for an infinite smooth and soft feel. Further, the vibrator comes with an antibacterial pouch for storage, and is thus travel ready. Not only is the vibrator lockable, but it is also easy to pack in the conventional side bag. The fact that LELO INA2 comes a year warranty, stylish gift box and decade-long quality guarantee, only affirms the masterly innovation of LELO.

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There are a lot of sex toys on the market for women. Some offer deep penetration to get in those areas your man just wasn’t physically equipped to reach. Others offer specially designed models specifically to stimulate her G-spot. And then there’s the Ina 2. The Ina 2 gives you the penetration and G-spot stimulation in a rabbit-styled design. The convenient handle on the Ina 2 allows for comfortable self-stimulation and features four easy to access buttons that enables eight different modes of vibration speed and intensity.