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Lelo Bob Massager For Men | Lelo Bob Gentleman’s Plug

Elegant and stylish sex toy for men, the Lelo Bob offers an intense and lingering stimulation of male P-spot stimulation. Optimal design with graceful curves gives an unforgettable intimate feeling, and ergonomic shape, emulating the anatomy of the male body, provides a comfortable penetration. The ring at the base helps fully control the process of using the Lelo Bob, as well as making it completely safe. This is a non-vibrating plug that has been designed to be worn either during sex, masturbation or walking around for prostate stimulation.

During sexual activity, the action of the hips and subsequent movement will leave the Lelo Bob gently rocking back and forth onto the prostate. This will provide stimulation of the prostate during sexual activity and can provide intense sensation and pleasure.

Lelo Bob is perfectly suitable for beginners in anal stimulation. The use of this stimulant is intuitive and doesn’t bring any kind of discomfort. Also, it can be appreciated by more experienced users – Lelo Bob will be an indispensable companion to them. Perfectly suited not only for self-use, but also for couples. Lelo Bob is made of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, which is the safest material for making toys for adults, and is approved by the office of international standards for this type of products. The toy’s total length is 12 cm, the usable length – 9 cm, diameter – 3.2 cm. Weight: 32 g.

Lelo Non Vibrating P-Spot Massager

Elite Stimulator Lelo Bob has a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. But in order to have the most benefit from the stimulant, please, follow these few simple rules approved by the manufacturer:

  • Do not wipe with hard or sharp materials.
  • Cannot be boiled or cleaned with very hot water and steam.
  • Do not keep in places affected by direct sunlight.
  • Do not use cleaners, which include alcohol or silicone.
  • Use a special cleaner directly on the silicone surface.


How To Use The Lelo Male Prostate Massager

Rinse the toy in warm water with a mild detergent right before and after use. You can also handle special toy with antibacterial sprays or other intimate products that don’t contain alcohol. The compatible lubricants that fit Lelo Bob can be water-based only.

Before using Bob moisten the anus using a lubricant. Before the insertion of the stimulator, you can use your finger to relax the sphincter muscles. Most people find it easier just to relax, lying on their side with their knees tucked to the stomach. It is a convenient and excellent position. Enter a stimulant carefully, make sure the tip of the bend points in the direction of the abdomen. In the case of pain or discomfort, stop the insertion of the stimulant.

Some people like to move it rhythmically, thereby massaging the prostate; some just get pleasure from inserting the stimulator and creating a sense of fullness. Find your own most suitable option. Couples can try using Bob during intercourse, introducing it to each other or independently, both before and during contact. The toy offers a variety of opportunities for deep massage and sensory stimulation. In order to warm it up just hold it in your hands for a few minutes. To cool, place it in the refrigerator for a short while.

Anal stimulants have long been used by men for prostate stimulation not only to increase potency, but also to be able to reach new heights of pleasure during sexual games. Massage of the prostate is used for the prevention of chronic prostatitis, increase potency and even the treatment of infertility. But this G-spot massager is not only useful for the common man and sexual health, but also is able to turn a new page in your book of pleasures.

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Bob is the most stylish gentleman’s plug, specially designed to take your sensations to a higher realm of experience. Made from the finest body-safe silicone and tailored to the contours of the male body, Bob focuses stimulation on the male G-spot, giving both security and control to newcomers and experienced users alike.