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Lelo Ella G-Spot Massager | Lelo Ella Review

The Lelo Ella is a sculpted G-Spot precision tool that has a flattened tip in order to provide pinpoint stimulation. Essentially, it is the sister toy to the Gigi 2 just it doesn’t vibrate. The Ella is a solid silicone toy that can be used as a massager to provide pinpoint stimulation to the highly erogenous zone of the female g-spot. It is designed for women who are looking into increasing the pleasure in their sexual encounters and women who want to explore their body and relax can use this gadget to achieve satisfaction in the bedroom.

Lelo G-Spot Vibrator

This product is designed to provide pleasure for women; it comes with body safe FDA-approved materials and comes with a Phthalate-free silicone.  The Swedish manufacturers have created it with a classical multipurpose design; it comes with two ends in order to help the user achieve variations of Sensations. It comes with a seamless as well as smooth and easy to clean handle.  It was crafted as a pleasure object, manufacturers have created the design in order to focus on the G-spot area, and this product is specifically for women who want erotic stimulation.


Silicone Dildo For The G-Spot

In order for the product to provide better and sustained stimulation, it can be paired with Lily/ Mia/Nia for deeper and intense sensations. This product is easy on the eyes; it was designed to be seamless and does not call much attention to it. It can be placed inside the bag, without causing any issues to the sex toy.   This product comes with a user manual, and has a satin pouch for easy storage. Lelo have also included a 1- Year Lelo Warranty for clients in order to maintain manufacturing quality.

People that like the Ella should look at getting it in its vibrating form with the number one selling G-Spot Vibrator in the World the Lelo Gigi 2.


Discreet Adult Toys: The Ella

Ella’s dimensions are 7.2 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches, on the narrow part of the sex toy, it can has bending abilities, but it is firm and not squishy unlike gel toys.  The surface is soft, but when used has a good grip, this can create a little extra friction to enhance the sensation that the user will feel.  It is made with just the right size, it will not cause discomfort to the user, and the shafts shape also comes with a gentle contour, it was made the way in order to allow the item to reach the g-spot.  The shaft also widens in the middle area, it comes with extra girth in order to be able to reach the needed spots during stimulation. The handle is also comfortable to hold, it comes with an easy to grip material, and the product is easy to manipulate in order to hit the g-spot.

It is a very discreet sex toy, even if let hanging around the bedside table, it will not easily be construed as a sex toy, it does not easily draw attention to itself making it a really smart product to have.

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Ella is a classically-designed pleasure object, a double-ended dildo (non-vibrating) with G-spot dynamic. Made with FDA-approved and phthalate-free silicone, ELLA comes presented in an elegant gift box and luxury satin pouch for appropriate storage, complete with user manual and a full 1-year LELO warranty.