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L’amourose Paramour Pour Femme

Reviewing The Paramour Pour Femme Set By L’Amourose

The Paramour Pour Femme is an intuitive pleasure kit designed for women. It’s a little different to other luxury sets out there in the sense there is a single vibrating component in the form of a bullet – and then three different cradles that the bullet can sit in. Rather than having three toys that you could use at once if you really wanted to like other packs, this one uses the same control unit across multiple toys. The Pour Femme pack comes with a remote control which doubles as the charging base, the vibrating bullet, a Mae sleeve, a Lana Sleeve and Cora Sleeve. We’ll begin this review by exploring them all individually.

L'Amourose Mae In Pink With Touch Sense Remote Control

The first sleeve in the set is the Mae. The Mae is the bullet vibrator of the set. It comes with a sling which allows you to use the Mae internally as a g-spot bullet vibrator with the string for easy retrieval. It can also be used as an external clitoral vibrator or as an all over body massager. The sleeve that it comes with is made of 100% pure silicone and is therefore hygienic and safe to use within and out of the body. If you’re using the remote control pad – then you’ll quickly discover the Mae has 5 different vibrating modes with 12 different speeds. One of the more interesting things is that the charging dock also doubles as the remote control – an innovative choice as it reduces extra pieces. The vibration settings have 2 different touch modes and a final customised mode with a memory setting. Touch modes mean that you can customise the vibrations with the touch of the remote and the responsive control panel on the remote – the faster that you move your finger on the touch pad the more the vibrations will intensify. It’s a different concept to the Lelo SenseMotion technology but it works in a similar way. To further the fun, you can also create a custom ten second vibration pattern which the device will remember based on your movements to the touch pad.

It sounds complex, however it is remarkable simple to operate and get used to. The remote only has three buttons as well as the touch pad. The power button, the M button for the memory and customising your own vibration pattern and finally a little button with a squiggle like thing on it which you use to cycle through the vibration patterns. The remote demonstrates the thought, innovation and technology that L’Amourose have incorporated into their premium vibes and reinforces why this is an up and coming competitor in the premium adult toy range. The remote control will easily work from a distance of 15 metres so if you like to be teased then you’re going to have a lot of fun with this one.


Examining L’Amourose Mae Massager

Mae is roughly around 2.5 inches long, it’s rechargeable and it’s completely waterproof for all sorts of waterproof fun that you’d like to have. The only downside to the Mae, is that if you’re a power queen then you’ll find that it’s not as strong as some of the stronger vibrators out there on the market – which is a little disappointing considering the power and strength of the rest of the L’Amourose range. However, if you’re an individual that likes moderate strength in a broad area then you’re definitely going to become attached to the Mae.

Lamourose cora g-spot stimulator

L’Amourose Cora – French Designed G-Spot Massager

The Cora is another piece within the Femme Set. It’s a simple designed sling that aims to hold the bullet vibe in place against your g-spot with an internal arm stimulating the vulva/clitoral area. The U-shape design means that you can use this completely hands free, using only the remote to adjust and alter the vibration patterns whilst you lean back and enjoy the pleasure. Perfect for couples use, and solo stimulation, you or your partner can curl up on the armchair and provide stimulation and foreplay during dinner, TV time or wherever the two of you would like.


Pour Femme Set – L’Amourose Lana

The final piece of the Femme set is the Lana. Its design is reminiscent of the We-Vibe and the Noa and it is primarily a partner based toy. The cradle holds the vibrator against the clitoris, with an internal arm which can provide stimulation to the g-spot. It’s perfect for coupled use and the slim design arm can be used during sexual activity so as to provide vibration and fun to both partners during intercourse. The cradle is specially contoured to hold itself in place quite easily – and it teams up beautifully with the remote control for sensual hands free fun either during sexual activity, or when out and about in public.

All of the Femme cradles are made out of a soft and sensual medical grade silicone. Cleaning them is a breeze as they won’t retain bacteria and their softness and flexibility allow them to transfer vibrations along the toy quite easily. It should be noted that you can only use water based lubricant with the cradles as silicone lubricants can easily damage the cradle. The ABS plastic Mae is also easily cleaned being fully waterproof, simply rinse with warm water and soap and you’re good to go again.

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Paramour Pour Femme Set In Blush Pink

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Why Sexperts Recommend The Paramour Pour Femme Set

The L’Amourose Paramour Set pour Femme is a delightful collection of premium toys with different purposes. Using the interchangeable bullet means that you can easily change up the toy and try something new. The touchpad remote control, which doubles as the charging port, is innovative easy to use and loads of fun for partnered use. Recommended for people that aren’t into extreme vibration and looking for a new remote control pleasure toy