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The Accomplice Gift Set By Lelo

Accomplice Gift Set | Lelo Love Package For Couples

The Accomplice is the Lelo Gift set for partners in crime. It is a male orientated gift package that comes with Lelo’s signature cock ring, Hex Condoms and the Lelo personal moisturiser.

Packaged in a beautifully presented box, the Accomplice package set is for those that want to splurge on their partner, whether it be for a romantic occasion, an anniversary, or simply for something fun and new. Let’s review each of the items in this luxurious pack.


The Lelo Tor 2 In The Accomplice Set

The star of the pack is the Lelo Tor 2 in Black. This is a gentlemen’s ring like no other. It is made of an FDA approved, phthalate free silicone which has Lelo’s signature soft touch coating. The stretchy material of the ring has been designed to fit most men and the ring will function best when it is placed towards the base of the penis, ideally where possible it should be situated in front of the testicles for enhanced pleasure, though if you’re more focused on the vibrations for the male then it would be suitable to place behind the testicles if you can get the silicone to stretch enough to put it there. Remembering that the Lelo Tor 2 is silicone then you should definitely only use it with water-based lubricant, coincidentally, the Tor 2 does come with a water-based personal moisturiser.

The great thing about the Lelo Tor 2 is that it is waterproof. Lelo listens to its customers about a product, and then they improve it. The Lelo tor 2 is definitely a cock ring that can go with you with showers, baths and all things water related. Not only this, but they have adjusted the controls, added a travel lock and made the ring to be far sturdier than the predecessor. Before using the Tor Cock ring you’re going to need to charge it up – remember that the Tor 2 is a rechargeable cock ring.

Lelo Tor 2 Cock Ring

The port is interesting because despite it looking exposed and open, it is somehow deemed as waterproof. A quick inspection of the port will indicate that it’s not actually an open port at all and utilises a form of inductive charging where the metal grips the metal and provides a charge. The more you know! The Tor 2 will take a couple of hours to charge and from that you will get around an hour and a half worth of playtime. There’s a button on each side of the vibrator compartment which will control the vibrations, patterns and intensity of the Tor 2. Simple and easy to use, simply press the plus button on side to increase the vibration, press the minus button on the other side to decrease the vibration – when the device is at full power you simply press and hold the plus button to change the vibration. Once you have done this the first time to get to the first pattern setting, you just cycle through the other patterns with the click of the button.

As with all cock rings in the post coital haze, it can be a little difficult to turn off. To turn it off simply press the minus button and hold it to turn it into the off position. From there you can take off the cock ring, clean it with toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and then place it into storage.

During use there are several ways in which you can use the Tor 2. The vibrator should be in the upwards positon during missionary sex and similar positions and it should be in the downward position during doggy style or coming from the rear positions – this alternating between top and bottom position will ensure that the vibrator is hitting the necessary spot where it is needed. Alternatively, and this is especially true if it’s sitting behind the testicles, the vibrating part can be situated where he’s going to feel it the most.


Condoms Redesigned: The Lelo Hex

Also included in the Lelo Accomplice pack is the Lelo Hex Condom. The first rubber condom was produced in 1855 and later in the decade, there were several companies that were mass producing the first rubber condoms. They have remained largely the same since. Yes, there have been variations in the texture, shapes and the designs but they all followed the same kind of principle. That is, until Lelo came out recently with a revolutionary new condom – they’ve called this new design the Hex. The patented hexagonal structure Lelo claims to address three of the most common gripes with condoms; comfort, slipping off, and breaking.

Everyone was a little sceptical at first – but there was some excitement in the idea of a breakthrough. As mentioned, condoms haven’t really changed that much since their inception and it’d be nice to see an evolution of such a simple product. Here’s what Lelo have done.

1.      Created an easy to open package. None of this slipping around nonsense, the Lelo Hex condom comes in a package that feels strong like a form of paper as opposed to the usual foil sensation. This means that it’s incredibly easy to grip, and easy to open.

2.      Lelo Hex Condoms come a little more unwrapped than other condoms, so it’s immediately clear to tell which way you should be using this on and in which direction to unroll.

3.      It’s stretchy and not overly restrictive. A lot of condom bases are exceptionally tight for some people. Sure, this is as a result of them getting the incorrect size but the Lelo Hex is a super strong condom that is also incredibly stretchy. It’s designed to withstand a lot of pressure and prevention of breaking during sexual activity.

Are they worth it though? The Lelo hex condoms feel great and despite being soft, stretchy and thin, they will withstand anything that you want to throw at it. Although, it is a little odd to include condoms in a luxury set, but hey. It works. The final piece of the puzzle is Lelo’s Personal Moisturiser. Great for people with sensitive skin, the personal moisturiser isn’t going to look out of place on the bathroom sink with its sleek and stylish design it looks more like a facial cream tube than it does a personal moisturiser. It’s a brilliant long lasting water based lubricant which doesn’t have a lot of the nasties that other lubricants have such as parabens and Glycerin, meaning that this lubricant, sorry personal moisturiser, is fantastic for people that have an accomplice with sensitive skin.

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The Lelo Accomplice Luxury Gift pack is geared for men. Featuring Lelo’s flagship Gentlemen’s ring The Tor 2 and have combines that with the exquisite Personal Moisturiser. To finish the set and make it complete, Lelo have included the revolutionary Hex Condoms, the newest thing to the market and one that is guaranteed to revolutionise the way you wear and use condoms…